Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Freddie Hubbard

What i like about Freddie is how his music and his playing constantly changed. He was one of the first trumpet players that applied rhythmic cycles on his horn. He would do things like take 4 or 5 notes out of a chord and take those notes and keep this rhythmic phrase going over and over on those notes. ( i think trane was probably the first horn player to actually do this ) It's not a line, it's a rhythmic sequence. Freddie started doing that and it really opened up a lot of stuff. Sometimes he would be playing and then he would stop and he would leave a space for the whole band to punch in. You could see him breathing, thinking. You could see him almost playing the correct note and then he would play the correct note. He does that a lot.

Bobby Hutcherson

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katonah said...

check out freddie hubbard on sundance knows.

pcvphunk said...

RIP, Freddie!

Thanks, Katonah.