Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Greyboy : Freestylin' 1993

Greyboy with Harold Todd & Marc Antoine.
Freestylin'. Produced, Mixed and Recorded at 8th Avenue Studios, San Diego.
Ubiquity, URLP003.

Here's the title track with some top breaks being sampled, including Dee dee Bridgewater from Frank Fosters Loud minority (mainstream) lp. Not a classic, but surely worthy of a listen.

That looks to me like Greyboy is "killing" a black/yellow label prestige slab btw !!

Steady butterfingers ...

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Money Mark; Cry

Money Mark (Mark Ramos-Nshita) : CRY.
12" Ep on Mo'Wax. MW036. 1995

Been hunting for this ever since Gilles Peterson played the 7" promo way back when. Never made a note of the artist, or the title, so finding it was always going to be a bit tricky to say the least. Managed to stumble across it last week in a bargain bucket. Asked the guy for a listen, and bingo. Handed over 3 quid, and scarpered. There's the original and live versions of Cry, with two, what is commonly known as, fillers. (Bacoso) Never Stop and Invitation. There's another (dodgy) mix of Cry in the zipfile by the Dust Brothers. Here's hoping someone out there likes it.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

BOB REID the emergency sound

BOB REID the emergency sound

Orignale Music from a Modern Day Black Opera.
Kwela Records, 30 k 010. Recorded 25th May 1974.


"This original music was recorded live at the first presentation of a modern day black opera: Africa is calling me, performed at the Centre Americans for Students and Artists in Paris France, 25th May 1974. The reception and response inspired the producers, Kwela Inc, to take the spontaneous of the music from the five scenes and make an album"

Bob Reid; leader, bass, voice, rhythm, piano
Oliver Lake; soprano, alto saxophones
Gustavo Kerestezachi; piano
Louis Armfield; congas, rhythm, bells
Makan Milola; deep bass, congas
King David; Vocals
Roxianne de Montaignac; Vocal
Freddy Roach; recitation

Bit special ...

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Malik Yaqub; Yaqub Speaks

Yaqub Speaks. Collectors Series, Volume 1 (HY-4141)
The House of Yaqub, 1980.

Here's some pretty far-out stuff from Malik Yaqub (formerly Macks Spears). The extensive liner notes, offered in Arabic/ French/ Japanese/ Chinese/ Tagalog, detail Malik's checkered and varied history. Part of this history involves various problems for Malik returning to the States from numerous "religious" trips abroad.

Quote; "for over eight of the past twelve years Yaqub has served prison terms for the importation of illegal drugs into the US. Drugs that are commomly used in all African, Asian and Native American cultures."

Yaqub's defence was based around his religious beliefs and therefore refused hearing by the US Supreme Court.

According to the liner notes, there was a Volume 2 available for a "Donation" of $1000.

Quote; "it is the projected goal of the house of Yaqub to construct a worldwide GERONTOLOGICAL, GYNECOLOGICAL, MUSICO- of adhering to the sciences governing spiritual advancement that exponentiate by way of the womb, furtherto, near OPHIR."

simple really,

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Lightmen plus One; Energy Control Center

Lightmen plus One, Energy Control Center.
Lightin' Records 1972.

Speechless. A big thank you needs to go out to both Quimsy and El Goog, for coming up with the good stuff. Both these guys sent over rips in no time at all. The artwork is from El Goog's zip, the sounds from Quimsy. The whole thing is a total stormer. There's a link in the comments for the incredible 7" All Praises to Allah (Parts 1 and 2) Quite possibly the best track i've ever heard, and another treat from El Goog.

1; Wench
2; Blues for Curtis
3; Cold Bair
4; Energy Control Center
5; Leo
6; Jupiter's Child
7; The Phantom


Charles Tolliver; Live ... 1982

Charles Tolliver; Live in Laren, Sweden. 1982.

Big big thanks to Greg for sending over this "Keep it under you're Hat" bootleg. 3 awesome tracks from Tolliver, with John Thomas on guitar, Burt Thompson on bass and Phillippe Alard on drums.

Ah, i See
On the Nile
In the Trenches