Friday, 27 February 2009

The Real ShooBeeDoo

Reminiscing; The Real ShoobeeDoo.
Recorded 1981, Wenha Records Co, 81 Chandler st, Detroit.

Only one track, but what a bomb! Very very rare album on Wendell Harrison's own private label from 1981. Killer bass lines from this, the title track.

Reginald "ShooBeeDoo" Fields; Basses and vocals
Billy McCoy; Electric piano
Tani Tabal; Percussions
Wendell Harrison; Tenor and vocals
Allen Barns; Tenor
Pamela Wise; Vocals

Friday, 20 February 2009

McCoy Tyner : La Leyenda de la Hora

McCoy Tyner; La Leyenda de la Hora (The Legend of the Hour)
Recorded at Rudy van Gelder Studios, CBS, 1981.

La Vida Feliz (The Happy Life)
Ja'cara (A Serenade)
La Habana Sol (The Havana Sun)
Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit
La Busca (The Search)

A truly awesome album, hidden behind yet another truly dreadful cover. Carin Goldberg, hang your head in shame! Tucked away in that sleeve, comes an info/picture insert showing McCoy looking pretty chuffed with his light summer suit he must have picked up from Mantilla's tailor.

A top notch line-up that includes Bobby Hutcherson, Hubert Laws, Marcus Belgrave and Chico Freeman. All five tracks are damn fine, with La vida Feliz and Walk Spirit/Talk Spirit being the stand outs.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Ray Mantilla Space Station & Steve Grossman


Ray Mantilla Space Station and Steve Grossman.

Recorded February 1986, Bologna, Italy. Red Records.

Another monster helping of Mantilla following on from Bacoso's banging drop over at Orgy in Rhythm. The high quality continues here, with some added spice from Steve Grossman on Star eyes, Eronel and Laye. Caminos de Macchu Picchu is probably the pick of the cuts, however if i was Simon, i'd dim the lights at the next Afrolounge, turn on the smoke machine, then hit em hard with Synergy at full tilt. No shit eating grins were allowed on this session, serious gears from start to finish. Can anyone come up with his other 2 albums on Red reocrds, Hands of Fire or Dark Powers ...

1; 06:31 Caminos de macchu picchu

2; 05:19 Piasaje

3; 10:23 Star eyes

4; 02:28 Synergy

5; 04:55 Brother Ray

6; 08:53 Eronel

7; 08:40 Laye

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Buddy Rich : A Different Drummer

Buddy Rich; A Different Drummer

A first time contribution from Solomon. Big band business drving along at 200 miles an hour, but all the better for it. Heaven on their Minds is lifted from the jesus christ superstar OST, and Straight no chaser is fast and furious to say the least. There is a tenuous link to the Don Thompson post, in that, Joe LaBarbera's brothers John and Pat appear here. Definitely worth a couple of spins.

Thanks Solomon

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers (bonus!)

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers.
Three Blind Mice Volumes 1 and 2.

A polished and re-upped contrubution courtesy of Jazzme. This time around we're given the full on volumes 1 and 2. Highly recommended as ever, we all need some Art Blakey from time to time ...

Thanks again Jazzme (steve)

Monday, 9 February 2009

Don Thompson; Country Place

Don Thompson : Country Place
Recorded at Red Gate Studio, Kent, New York. December 1975.
PM-Records -008, Produced by Gene Perla.
Engineered by Jan Hammer.

Don Thompson : Piano, and Vibraphone
Gene Perla : Accoustic and Electric Basses
Joe La Barbera : Drums

Side One
A Country Place
For Chris Gage (which runs straight into) Sasha's Delight

Side Two
Second Voyage
Full Nelson
Song for Sonny

Awesome accoustic jazz from a killer trio including the man, Gene Perla. Most of this album appears to be fairly straight ahead stuff, but give it a couple of listens. For me, Sasha's Delight is the absolute stormer. Perla's and LaBarbera's solos are DYNAMITE. Haven't stopped playing this baby since i got it a couple of weeks ago. Highly recommended.

Friday, 6 February 2009



Just to compliment the Brasil; Escola do jazz joint underneath from Simon.
Found this posted at "it's coming out of your speaker" blogspot.
Compiled by Gilles Peterson and Joe Davis.

There's a direct link in the comments.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Brasil Escola do Jazz (request)

Brasil: Escola do Jazz. Gone Global DJ's Choice. PRP-8376
Straight no chaser compilation by gilles peterson and paul bradshaw.
Toshiba EMI Limited, 1994

Does anybody have a rip of this rare compilation
(el goog, wara katsu, arkadin, ish, simon, reza, bacoso)
The tracks aren't that difficult to trace, but i've never managed to track a copy down.

Glad to say, the link has graciously been provided by Simon (never enough rhodes) Didn't think i'd get any reaction for a long time, but simon's turned it around in a few hours! Many thanks again Simon, top man.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Peter Kowald : The Abandonment of Everything Superfluous.

Peter Kowald
The Abandonment of Everything Superfluous.

While listening to this unique music, in an attempt to find a description, i have come to the end of the recording. Start to finish, this is atmospheric, intense and addictive.

Take time to hear this, highly recommended.

Double Scotch in the Cathedral
Not for Nothing

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Audio Directions presents the Grab Bag

Audio Directions presents the Grab Bag.
Recorded at Sound Stage Studios, Nashville, Tennessee, 1976.
Private Pressing, Direct to Disk.

Only one track, but in my opinion, the best one from this little known album. Emergence features the talents of Ron Oates on piano and clavinette, Randy Goodrum on Fender Rhodes and Sheri Kramer / Diane Tidwell on vocals. I won't list all the artists here, however, i noticed Billy Puett is in the mix on reeds. Billy Puett played a major part in the Earth Blossom album by the John Betsch Society (Strata East 19748) He wrote 2 of the tracks on that lp, Ra and Get up and Go. Darling Doria from that lp can be found in the zipfile as well.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Egypt 80 Band

Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Egypt 80 Band
Power Show
I know, i know ... we've all heard the "Fela" gears before. Expense Shit, Water no get Enemy etc. The thing is, i'm snowed in and off work today, so i thought i'd share what i'm hitting at the moment. First heard Power Show on Gilles Peterson's worldwide quite a few years ago, and it's stuck as a big favourite of mine. If you've not heard this, watch out, 15 minutes of heavy afrobeat.

Bernie Koenig : Rythmical Impressions

Bernie Koenig : Rythmical Impressions
15 sweet cuts here, contributed by Jazzme. This one was floundering in the comments section, and as we know, the good stuff needs to be put out there. Highly recommended, highly percussive exercise which is well worth taking the time to explore. Good vibes Blues is a good place to start, with 1968 taking things into a free direction. More details can can be found at the direct to website link.