Friday, 29 April 2011

Babatunde Lea and Phenomena

Babatunde Lea and Phenomena.
Levels of Conciousness.

Theresa : 1979.

A killer tune from from this widely available cd. Thailand Stick includes special guests Julian Priester and Eddie Henderson among others. Highly recommended.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Smiley Winters

Smiley Winters : Smiley Etc.
Arhoolie 8004/5.

Recorded at Sierra Sound Studios, Berkeley, California. March 1969.

The final, and possibly finest instalment from G.Raf. For now anyway, apparently there's more where this came from. Maybe some generous comments could make all the difference.

This is power jazz @ 200mph. Born in St Louis, and father of ten, William Richard takes charge of this heavy session. Connected to many of the Bay area jazz giants including Phaorah Sanders, John Handy and Roy Porter to name a few. He is joined by Bert Wilson on Sax, Barbara Donald Trumpet and Chris Amberger on Bass. It's a double lp, so there'll be 2 files. Check out "Two Trains" Dynamite !

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Howard Hanger Trio

Howard Hanger Trio : A Child is Born.
Stereo. Trav Label.

More obscure bible friendly business via the vaults of G.Raf again. Originals, carols, contemporary folk songs and cover versions combine to produce an album with a distinctly dark undertone.

The album is produced by TRAV, (Television, Radio and Audio-Visual Division) of the Presbyterian Church of the United States.

Rare, and recommended.
Enjoy, then give thanks and praises to G.Raf.