Thursday, 31 January 2013

Seelow and Mayer Foundation

Seelow and Mayer Foundation
Mr Dynamite : DK Disc

Recorded in June 1970 at the Jankowski Studio, Stuttgart-Feuerbach, this obscure album certainly has it's moments. Check out the top tappin' cracker track Masquerade. 

Dieter Seelow 
Wolfgang Schmid 
Peter Mayer
Hans Haug

Friday, 18 January 2013

Hadley Caliman Tribute

Hadley Caliman

Really been hitting the Hadley gears lately. I picked up on his playing when trawling through Bobby Hutcherson's back catalogue many many years ago, which lead to the conclusion, if HC is in the line-up then it's going to be good. Spent a very pleasing evening recently putting together what i consider to be his best tunes, lifted from his 2 Mainstream lp's, Projecting on Catalyst and Bayete's World's around the Sun on Prestige. There's 7 tracks in there, including Iapetus, Quadrivium, Smearzo, The Latin Thing and Bayete's (Between man and God) killer tune. Looking at the personnel that was involved in with this stuff, it's no wonder the quality is so high. James Leary, Louis Gasca, Todd Cochran, Woody Theus, Victor Pantoja, Hotep Cecil Bernard and many more. 

It's a great listen, let me know what you think.

The Playlist;
track 1 : Watercress from Iapetus
track 2 : Quadrivium from Iapetus
track 3 : Cigar Eddie from MRL-318
track 5 : Smearzo from Projecting
track 6 : Her from Projecting
track 7 : The Latin Thing from Projecting
track 8 : Bayete from World's around the Sun