Thursday, 27 May 2010

Gerry Olds Trio

Gerry Old Trio. Here Goes.

More obscure, privately pressed, left field business out of San Francisco. An album providing 2 completely different sides to Gerry Olds talents. There's the mainstream accoustic trio tracks, such as a lovely version of Gershwin's Summertime. Then there's the more avant garde, electronic side of things offered here, with 4/3 + 1. (Credited to Gerry Olds and the San Francisco Tape Music Center) The whole album is a treasure from start to finish. Gerry is accompanied by bassist Tom Beeson and Drummer Lee Charlton. The artwork is Jack Chevalier.

Highly Recomended

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Michael Gregory Jackson

Michael Gregory Jackson
Clarity. Bija 1976, MJ1000.

Another, "far to good to be milling around in the comments" drop. This time, it's Art Simon whos come up trumps with this tasty offering.

Some words from AMG;
"Clarity is one of the most interesting titles in guitarist Michael Gregory Jackson's sparse catalogue. Jackson had initially played in alto saxophonist Oliver Lake's band in the early seventies and hung around the loft scene initiated at Sam River's Studio Rivbea in New York. On his first date as a leader, he employs Lake and trumpeter Leo Smith who both double on an assortment of instruments, along with tenor saxophonist David Murray on one of his earliest dates. Jackson's relatively conventional electric and acoustic guitar style works in tandem with electric mandolin, bamboo flute, timpani marimba, percussion, and vocals (on the title cut only.) Clarity utilizes space and percussion similar to like-minded AACM (or, for that matter, BAG) dates of the time. With the combined participants and ESP banner, you would expect this to be an intense avant-garde summit meeting, but it rarely reaches that level of intensity, with the exception of Clarity(4) instigated by the presence of Murray's Ayler-like screeches."

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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Dyani : Temiz : Feza.

Music for Xaba.
Recorded at Theatre Nine, Stockholm, Sweden. 2nd November 1972.

Johnny Dyani; Bass Piano Vocals
Okay Temiz; Drums Percussion
Mongezi Feza; Trumpet Percussion

Strata east sound-a-like business with very heavy percussion and Afro undertones from 1972. Mongezi Feza displays a similar tone to Charles Tolliver, supported by some fine work by Okay Temiz on drums.

Check out Idyongwana, heavy gears!
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