Monday, 27 July 2009

Freddy Cole. Brother, Where are you

Freddy Cole : Brother, Where are you.
Taken from the album, The Cole Nobody Knows. Private Pressing out of Atlanta (70's)

Bit of a stormer, been a big favourite of mine for years. Going out to Alex, Hannah and all the maldives massive. (running boy, keith miller, and the giant family!)

Does anybody have the whole album, or the jazzman 7" .... you never know.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Don Rendell with the Joe Palin Trio

Don Rendell and the Joe Palin Trio live at the Avgarde Gallery Manchester.
Recorded 3rd October 1973.

From the liner notes:

Pete is present again on Antibes (Don on Tenor) and contributes a counter figure which Rendell insists is an improvement on the original arrangement for the Space Walk version of the tune. In fact Don feels that, generally, these new readings of the three Space Walk pieces benefit from his having worked them over a couple of times in public after the release of the Columbia album.

Here's a nice loose, bluesy version of Antibes. Don Rendell is accompanied by Joe Palin on Piano, Ian Taylor on Bass, Gordon Beckett on Drums and Pete Martin on Flugel Horn. Not sure if this version lives up to the studio take from Space Walk, but well worth a listen all the same. Btw, the vinyl has definitely seen better days.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Dominican jazz

Addictive Dominican Republic jazz clip i found years and years ago on the worldwide web. No information about this, would be nice if someone could help out. One for Greg, one suspects.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Reid Inc

Dustygrooves view;

An obscure female soul project from 70s-era TK Records -- one that features production by Clarence Reid, hence the group's name! The groove here is very much in the best Miami club mode of the time -- upbeat, but still nicely gritty overall -- more fast funk in the instrumentation, with slight touches of strings -- and vocals from the quartet that slide nicely into the rhythms, which themselves bear plenty of TK touches! The whole thing's got a feel that's a lot better than you might guess from the cover -- kind of a rougher take on the Gwen McCrae vibe of the time, almost set loose to do things with a more relaxed approach overall. And the vocals are surprisingly strong at points too -- with one singer coming to the forefront with a deeper soul mode than you might expect. Titles include "I'll Be Damned If It's Me", "What Am I Gonna Do", "Push Me Back In The Corner", "More Of A Woman", "That's How It Is When You Are In Love", "New York City", and "This Time Tomorrow".

Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Prophet and his Disciples

The Prophet and his Disciples.
You Fool, You Fool.

Shamelessly grabbed from the incredible Brad Hales site (Peoples Records) a few months back now. Can't stop coming back to this far to brief, scruffy little gem. There's more soul here that a skip full of James Browns. Have a listen in case you missed it. Be warned though, once this gets in your head you'll be stuck with it for days.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Lightmen plus One

The Lightmen plus One.

Fancy Pants, Recorded 5th September and 10th October 1971.
Judnell 1002.

Another banging album from the Lightmen plus One. The "plus One" turns out to be Marsha Frazier on electric piano and flute. Apparently Marsha's inclusion brought the group more together, with less freer individual solos as found on their 1st album "Free as you wanna be". (would love to hear this one if anybody has a copy)

Have a listen to Sorrow, Bitterness and Revolution (now he's Gone)