Saturday, 25 July 2009

Don Rendell with the Joe Palin Trio

Don Rendell and the Joe Palin Trio live at the Avgarde Gallery Manchester.
Recorded 3rd October 1973.

From the liner notes:

Pete is present again on Antibes (Don on Tenor) and contributes a counter figure which Rendell insists is an improvement on the original arrangement for the Space Walk version of the tune. In fact Don feels that, generally, these new readings of the three Space Walk pieces benefit from his having worked them over a couple of times in public after the release of the Columbia album.

Here's a nice loose, bluesy version of Antibes. Don Rendell is accompanied by Joe Palin on Piano, Ian Taylor on Bass, Gordon Beckett on Drums and Pete Martin on Flugel Horn. Not sure if this version lives up to the studio take from Space Walk, but well worth a listen all the same. Btw, the vinyl has definitely seen better days.


katonah said...

taro nombei said...

Many thanks for the one track Katonah. All new and good to these ears.

Here's a snippet from the Guardian obituary (back in 2007):
Don Rendell with the Joe Palin Trio Live at the AvGarde Gallery Manchester (Spotlite), documents a 1973 concert. Palin's forceful intensity overcomes a battered piano and the imperfect sound: playing McCoy Tyner to Rendell's Coltrane, Palin holds nothing back.

katonah said...

Thanks for the heads up TN. The cd is easily available for peanuts, so i didn't think i should post the whole thing, glad you liked it though.

g.raf said...

Thanks Katonah.
It is an amazing tune, i am with you about the studio version being the one though. That killing bass line is more prominant.

If you don't know it check 'antibes' by Ted Curson. A different tune but also beautiful.

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Scoredaddy said...

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taro nombei said...

Yeah I think I'll scrounge together my peanuts and invest ;-)
Just to clarify, that was from a Joe Palin obituary that I googled (I'd never heard of him). Don Rendell is still with us of course - does he play live at all?
Anyway, a cracking track...

alanmck said...

not heard this version before, but the Space Walk version is an old favourite.

thanks for sharing.

thundergiant007 said...

thank you

Justin said...
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