Thursday, 30 September 2010

Bob Moses :1975

Bob Moses : Bittersuite in the Ozone
Mozown. (private press)

A blog-land exclusive, and an utterly breathtaking piece of music from Bob Moses. Been hunting for this gem for ages, but it has been worth the wait. A truly amazing suite from a stellar spiritual line-up, including the likes of David Liebman and Billy Hart. Think Alkebu-lan recorded in the studio and you won't go far wrong.

Mozown records was an artist owned label, based on the principals of musical and economic self determination.

Recorded at Blue Rock studios, NYC.

There's about a mintue of Glitteragblas solo leading into BitterSuite in the Ozone. Aldonna, Green Yellow and mostly Blue, Little Brother, Brofilia, Aldonna.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Blue Mitchell

Blue Mitchell.
Mainstream MRL 315

Here's an ace from Blue, ably assisted by some class support. Watch out for the 2 tracks penned by Walter Bishop from Black Jazz fame. Soul Village is a honey, but it's Mi Hermano (My brother) that kills it everytime.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Paul Nash. A Jazz Composer's Ensemble

Paul Nash A Jazz Composer's Ensemble.

Revelation 32. recorded at Audios Amigos Studio, San Francisco.

Following this lp being posted at Fat Toro's place some time ago, i lucked out and managed to pick up a cheap copy at the notoriously expensive Intoxica in Portabello Road. This track is, in a word, perfect and could just be my all time favourite.

From the Liner Notes:
The present album lends support to this hypothesis, and presents an intricate personal synthesis of currents in American music. Listeners will detect in Paul Nash's music many stylistic features, such, for example, as the immaculately played rock beat heard at the start of Our time is numbered: and if he occasionally delves into the popular end of the jazz spectrum, he doubtless capitalizes upon converse elements, though it must be left to ears more attuned than mine to the riches of the European tradition to isolate them.