Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Blue Mitchell

Blue Mitchell.
Mainstream MRL 315

Here's an ace from Blue, ably assisted by some class support. Watch out for the 2 tracks penned by Walter Bishop from Black Jazz fame. Soul Village is a honey, but it's Mi Hermano (My brother) that kills it everytime.


katonah said...


freebones said...

looks super cool. downloading now. will follow-up with comments on the music if i remember to. i have about twenty albums in the queue that i have to get to!



Bill said...

Many thanks! BIG fan of Blue Mitchell

ryanb said...

haven't heard this one, looking forward to it. Thanks!

Wallofsound said...

Yep, I like BM as well, and haven't heard this one.

Art Simon said...

Great Album, and an awesome post. I knew I'd heard that first tune before, but it took me a while to place it. It's "Soul Village." The Blue Mitchell discography gives this info:
Date: March 1971
Location: New York City
Label: Mainstream

Blue Mitchell (ldr), Jimmy Forrest (ts), Blue Mitchell (t), Walter Bishop, Jr. (p), Larry Gales (b), Doug Sides (d)
a. a-01 Soul Village - 6:00 (Richard 'Blue' Mitchell)
Mainstream 45: 5506 — Soul Village/Queen Bey
b. a-02 Blues For Thelma - 7:00 (Richard 'Blue' Mitchell)
c. a-03 Queen Bey - 5:00 (Richard 'Blue' Mitchell)
Mainstream 45: 5506 — Soul Village/Queen Bey
d. b-01 Are You Real - 7:19 (Benny Golson)
e. b-02 Mi Hermano - 5:17 (Richard 'Blue' Mitchell)
All titles on: Mainstream LP 12": MRL 315 — Blue Mitchell (1972)

Weird though, the track listings on the back cover don't seem to match.

Thanks, I'm loving this one!

Art Simon said...

And you're right. "Mi Hermano" is killer. Thanks again!

Bacoso said...

what a fucking peach - top share !

nick said...

art - thanks for the info. not that unusual for mainstream (I think) that the tracklist on the sleeve doesn't match the order on the record...

and thanks for the great music, katonah! sounds wonderful.

ushaped said...

very nice! thanks alot!

MFS Equipe ♪ said...

Thank you Katonah...as usual. a great post! Awesome!

Andy said...

Super ,he has some critics but in my opinion his good stuff far outweighs his bad stuff.I love it all,thanks

JTF said...

Yeah... Blue is bad!