Saturday, 30 July 2011

Eric Hochberg & Andy Potter

Eric Hochberg and Andy Potter.
World Thing.

Recorded at Acme Studios, Chicago 1976.
HoPo HP111 Records.

The utterly beautiful title track from this fairly obscure private press album from Chicago. All the artwork with all the listings information is over at Justjazzart. Think Ensemble Al-Salaam with a touch more soul ...

Real sweet

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Woody Shaw (live!) at last

Woody Shaw live.
Recorded in 1977

Carter Jefferson, Larry Willis, Stafford James, Victor Lewis.

2 of my all-time favourite Woody Shaw tunes, fully extended and live. Love Dance and Why which is taken from the Muse lp, The Rise of Atlantis by Carter Jefferson.

Dig the super long artwork!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Don Rendell Five

Don Rendell Five : SET 2
Recorded live at the Woolwich Public Hall, 18th June 1979 Greenwich Festival.

This was a complete surprise to me. The cover art, the year, the location all seem to suggest a fairly safe, straight maybe even mediocre live set. How wrong i was!. This one's right up there with Space Walk imo, and could pass for an early 70's west coast session. Assisted by Alan Wakeman on tenor, Pete Saberton keys, Paul Bridge bass and Trevor Tomkins on drums.

Picked this one up in the record store formerly known as Berigans in Berkeley CA and owned by the very knowledgeable Rick Ballard. Be warned, if you decide to drop by, there's some seriously tempting big ticket items hidden away in there.

To appease any irate Beccles citizens, any connection between the Suffolk town and the music is unintended bar the fact that it was there that the piece was written - in 1976. Alan Wakeman solos first.