Monday, 28 February 2011

Milt Jackson

Milt Jackson and The Hip String Quartet.

All star line up includes Cedar Walton, Ron Carter, Mickey Roker, James Moody, Hubert Laws, the list goes on. The Morning After is cherry picked from this vinyl provided by G.Raf.


Friday, 25 February 2011

Hal Singer.

Hal Singer.
Blues and News. Recorded 1971.

Another cd that's out there to buy, so here's the choice cut, Malcolm X, again brought to us by G.Raf.

Dustygrooves views;

The other great Hal Singer album from his years on the French scene – and a record that we'd say is even better than his legendary Paris Soul Food set! Although Singer is often most associated with an older style of swing-based jazz, he's working here in a loose, free mode that's got plenty of 70s soulful touches – often funky at the best moments, but even more importantly openly rhythmic – with a progressively soulful style that's really outta site! The group features Art Taylor on drums, plus an assortment of European players led by Siegried Kessler – who plays some great piano and flute on the album, and also handled the arrangements. The album features Singer's wonderful tune "Malcolm X" – the kind of a track that we'd rank right up there with some of the most righteous soul jazz groovers of the time. Other highlights include the modal "Pour Stephanie", the jagged "Blues For Hal", and the groovy "It's My Thing". CD also includes the bonus track "Lina".

The New Composer's Ensemble

The New Composer's Ensemble.
54rd Street Ghost.

Oracle Music Co, Chicago.

Sadly, this highly prized cd is available to purchase out there on the webasphere. Would have been another top presentation from G.Raf but heres a track to give you guys the general taste. Hot vibes from Paris Smith, spiritual jazz all the way on this one.

Dusty's take;

A killer batch of modern spiritual soul jazz – with a classic sound that reminds us a lot of the 70s work on labels like Tribe or Strata East! The New Composers Ensemble is led by vibist Paris Smith, an underground Chicago jazz artist who cut a few very enigmatic albums on his own – and he's working here with a group that includes guitar, piano, percussion, and bass. All the tracks on the CD are originals written by the players on the record – and most of them are strong modal grooves, with a spiraling strident sound that's filled with joy and life, but also a hint of darkness. The interplay of the instruments is unlike anything we've heard elsewhere, and it's the kind of underground treasure that you'd die to find on a rare 70s album – somehow even cooler that it's cut by an obscure group who are working in our generation! A few tracks have a vocalist that's a bit off-beat – and she also reminds us of some of the more spiritual contraltos that would show up on the Strata sets from the 70s – but her contribution to the record also kind of grows on you nicely after a while. Titles include "Tommy Tones", "Sonny's Song", "Lilith Came", "Introspection", "Psalm 37", and "53rd Street Ghost", dedicated to the street where Dusty Groove used to have its headquarters.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Happiness is ..Takin' care of Natural Business ... DIG?!

The Al Tanner Quintet ; Featuring William "Smiley" Winters.

Super rare gears provided by G.Raf. Watch out over the coming weeks, cause there's plenty more where this came from. We need some thanks in the comments btw ...

The Magi
Poor me
Bronson's Blues
Lobby Lizards
Rolon's Groove

Sunday, 20 February 2011



Blackclassicals been beavering away again, collating another cosmic spiritual-jazz suite. Improve your life and expand your mind here ...

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Howard Hanger Trio

The Howard Hanger Trio.
Through a Glass Darkly. PMH Records.

Recorded at Lefevre Sound Studios, Atlanta. January 1970.

Howard Hanger; Piano
Paul Reeve; Drums
Mike Givens; String Bass
Shel Hall; Electric bass on Lay, Lady, Lay.

A very interesting, if difficult to pigeon hole 2nd album from this Trio. Think P.E Hewitt, with a touch of Gerry Olds and a dash of Ahmad Jamal and you could be getting close, maybe. There's a Dylan cover, some originals and my favourite What Wonderous Love, an adaptation of an american folk hymn. The whole album moves in many different directions, from straight trio jazz, to abstract electronica samples. Takes a few listens, but is worth every minute.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Roy Porter Sound Machine

Big thanks to the good people that lifted me out of a hole full of frustration and despair. Bacoso's Jessica drop a little while back whetted the appetite for Roy Porter and now the Triology of Roy Porter's Sound Machine output (unless there's more out there) is complete in the comments.

Bill and Vpex, take a bow.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ritmo Caliente

Ritmo Caliente.
Coco Lagos y sus Orates. 1970 MaG.
Volumen 2. LPN 2338.

A break from the norm, with some bangin' bossa boogaloo business. Infectious latin tunes from Peruvian Coco. There all killer, but for me, La Rumba Empezo is a stormer.

Check it out