Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Jazz in the Classroom #2

Another beautiful track lifted from this pretty rare private press album out of Boston from 1972. It's called Events and features Salvatore Spicola on tenor.

From the liner notes;

Events finds Sal Spicola, tenor sax, offering both the original melody and the jazz solo. The melodic foundation for this piece comes from the simple intervallic relationship of: down a 4th, then, up a 2nd; and is heard throughout. The rubato section with Richie Caruso, soprano sax, and Al Ulanowsky, piano, demonstrates Jack's (Jaxon Stock) gentle side.


Friday, 18 November 2011

Worlds : As Time Flows On.

Worlds : As Time Flows On.
World Production Label, J-World-BSE-2.
Recorded in Boston, February 1977.
Released Roxbury, Massachusetts 1980.

The follow up to the ultra rare World's Experience Orchestra-The beginning of a new birth lp (World Productions BSE-1) This features a smaller line-up than the previous album, with Roy Hall (vocalist/percussionist) being the only musician added to the group.

For my part, this one takes a few listens following the expectations of the first killer album release. However, it's a fine album which grows with time, or as time flows on . . . .

01 : Rain
02 : 9 Degrees Black Women Liberation
03 : Black Woman
04 : To do nothing is to move backwards
05 : It's all in the mind

Super rare spiritual jazz.