Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bert Myrick

Bert Myrick : Live'n Well.
Strata SRI 102-74. Recorded 4th April 1965.

Originally posted over at El Reza's top blogspot, re-upped for Hoochie Coochie man following his recent Strata post, Sphere. Heavy gears all the way, with Scorpio's Child killing it for me.

Will Austin : Bass
George Bohanon : Trombone
Bert Myrick : Drums
Kenny Cox : Piano
Ronnie Fields : Tenor Sax

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Takehiro Honda and Gerd Dudek. 1971

Takehiro Honda and Gerd Dudek.
Trio Jazz Series; 1971.

Following on from the Japanese posts over at Orgy in Rhythm, here's a real grower from Honda San. More of the same powerful, modal gears from a explosive Quartet. Sorry, no fusion fluff here !!!

Ckeck it out

Matthew Larkin Cassell

Matthew Larkin Cassell.
Private Press 1977. Recorded San Jose.

2 jaw dropping tracks from the recent stones throw re-issue (a must!) 2 complete lp's plus extras on one cd. Littered with breaks, and sampled by Madlib (having picked up a bootleg cd-r in Tokyo marked simply MLC, while still an unknown) "Heaven" (quite!) and as for "In my Life", kept me sane in Spain.

Enjoy these gems.

Monday, 2 August 2010

George Smallwood

George Smallwood and the Marshmellow Band.

Super rare album brought to the masses by Jazzman's Holy grail series. Funky by the Pound is lifted from the impossible to find lp "Just 4 You" released in 1981.

Sun Ra : Live in Cleveland

Sun Ra : Live in Cleveland.
Recorded 30th January 1975.

Amazing performance by the Sun Ra Arkestra almost 35 years ago in Cleveland, USA. Fifteen musicians, seven compositions, tremendous drive, everybody singing and dancing and the crown of the one hour long gig is Sun Ra's crazy solo on synthesizer. A must for every Sun Ra follower.
Sun Ra (piano, moog, organ); Akh Tal Ebah, Kwame Hadi (trumpet); John Gilmore, Marshall Allen, Danny Davis, Eloe Omoe, Danny Thompson, James jacson (reeds); Damoin Choice (vibes); Dale Williams (bass); Atakatune (conga); Odun (conga); June Tyson (vocals, dance); Eddie Thomson (vocal, dance)
  1. Astro Nation
  2. Enlightenment
  3. Love in Outer Space
  4. Theme of the Stargazers/The Satelites Are Spinning
  5. Friendly Galaxy 2/ I am the Brother of the Wind
  6. Synthesizer Solo
  7. Sophisticated Lady

Graham Collier Septet

Graham Collier Septet.
Deep Dark Blue Centre. Recorded in London, 24th January 1967.

Been watching a copy of All Night Long on dvd, and got thinking about all the great british jazz, and remembered this little gem, Crumblin' Cookie. Mike Gibbs, Karl Jenkins, Philip Lee, and John Marshall support.