Sunday, 15 August 2010

Matthew Larkin Cassell

Matthew Larkin Cassell.
Private Press 1977. Recorded San Jose.

2 jaw dropping tracks from the recent stones throw re-issue (a must!) 2 complete lp's plus extras on one cd. Littered with breaks, and sampled by Madlib (having picked up a bootleg cd-r in Tokyo marked simply MLC, while still an unknown) "Heaven" (quite!) and as for "In my Life", kept me sane in Spain.

Enjoy these gems.


katonah said...

Reza said...

got a suntan then ?

katonah said...

Not really G, bastard hot! NO air con in the villa !! Back to work tomorrow, booooo.

katonah said...

160 downloads, no comments!

Satchelmouth said...

Just listened to "Heaven".

Thank you!

Nicolas said...

Thanks for this one, will listen to it and i'll back to share impressions.
Thanks for your work here,your blog is amazing. I follow this blog for a long time now , you made me discover many albums and i'd like to thank you for that.
I' ve never let a comment before and i'm truly sorry for that. thanks again Katonah

katonah said...

Thanks Nicolas, great comments.
much appreciated

Winb said...

Back again, this time with a nice Bowmore single malt to lay back and relax with some nice music. I know I'm going to enjoy what you have here. Cheers Katonah.

jbSwift75 said...

"In My Life" is simply beautiful. With a funky break to boot!