Monday, 2 August 2010

Sun Ra : Live in Cleveland

Sun Ra : Live in Cleveland.
Recorded 30th January 1975.

Amazing performance by the Sun Ra Arkestra almost 35 years ago in Cleveland, USA. Fifteen musicians, seven compositions, tremendous drive, everybody singing and dancing and the crown of the one hour long gig is Sun Ra's crazy solo on synthesizer. A must for every Sun Ra follower.
Sun Ra (piano, moog, organ); Akh Tal Ebah, Kwame Hadi (trumpet); John Gilmore, Marshall Allen, Danny Davis, Eloe Omoe, Danny Thompson, James jacson (reeds); Damoin Choice (vibes); Dale Williams (bass); Atakatune (conga); Odun (conga); June Tyson (vocals, dance); Eddie Thomson (vocal, dance)
  1. Astro Nation
  2. Enlightenment
  3. Love in Outer Space
  4. Theme of the Stargazers/The Satelites Are Spinning
  5. Friendly Galaxy 2/ I am the Brother of the Wind
  6. Synthesizer Solo
  7. Sophisticated Lady


katonah said...

track 1; heavy bassline

freebones said...

oh man! i love stuff like this. i would love to hear the rest, if you are ever so inclined.

thanks for this track!

katonah said...

The whole cd is a peach FB. Easy to find on Amazon for peanuts.

freebones said...

oh, i didn't realize! i thought it was a boot. wonderful then! thanks all around.

Art Simon said...

That's the coolest Sun Ra track I've heard. Deep grooves!

nick said...

this one slipped past me -- thanks for the heads up. monster sound, and a monster cd that's a new favorite now. thank you!

peskypesky said...

thank you for sharing the Sun Ra, brother.

mike 2.0 said...

would you be so kind to extend this moment of pleasure ? :-)