Tuesday, 20 November 2012

When Deep-Jazz became a Reality.

Just a few words to say a massive thank you to all those that made it to the Queens' Head on Saturday. We never really knew how this was going to turn out and if anybody would even bother to put in an appearance. It topped off quiet a special day for me, and one i will always remember. Olympia Record fair which for once came up with the goods this time. Ambiance on Ebun, some Gary Bartz, McDuff's Moon Rappin OG and Joe Henderson in Japan US original. Larry Stabbins playing Coltrane's Africa at the Royal Festival Hall, followed by DJR.

It's always difficult to know who's out there taking an interest in this obscure, abstract and impossible to label jazz. The music played that night was a culmination of many many years spent diggin' the crates, and will no doubt never end. Still, and always discovering hidden gems. 

Bacoso (damn that latin Stan Tracey drop!) has already name checked many of the players that reached and showed such enthusiastic support. Not sure if there be will another session quiet like it, but there should be another night sometime in the new year.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

17th November : Reach!

The Queen's Head
Denman Street

8 till Late.

Not for the faint hearted this one. Fierce  Jazz from the vaults of Private Press and Orgy in Rhythm's Bacoso. Rare gears from the  US to Japan. Olli, Sabu, Mtume, Shamek, McBee,  Bonner,  Chambers,  Weldon,   Hutcherson, Henderson, Tjader, Brooks, Blakey and plenty more. 

Im-Hotep, Flying Dutchman, Fontana, Chiaroscuro, Tribe, Strata-east, Nimbus, Impulse, Lightin, Vistone,  Blue Note, Fantasy, Muse, Strata, Mainstream, Judnell, Prestige and all the Private press labels will be in the shakedown. I think i'll leave the Latin gears to Bacoso, who could compete? There could be a pinch of Soul to lighten the mood. 4 Hours of darkness could be a step to far. 

It's a great location, next to the Piccadilly Theatre, in the heart of the West End. We'll be squeezed into the Function room on the 1st Floor.

Massive thanks for the Artwork  goes to Blackclassical. 
Try to reach, come along and support.