Saturday, 3 November 2012

17th November : Reach!

The Queen's Head
Denman Street

8 till Late.

Not for the faint hearted this one. Fierce  Jazz from the vaults of Private Press and Orgy in Rhythm's Bacoso. Rare gears from the  US to Japan. Olli, Sabu, Mtume, Shamek, McBee,  Bonner,  Chambers,  Weldon,   Hutcherson, Henderson, Tjader, Brooks, Blakey and plenty more. 

Im-Hotep, Flying Dutchman, Fontana, Chiaroscuro, Tribe, Strata-east, Nimbus, Impulse, Lightin, Vistone,  Blue Note, Fantasy, Muse, Strata, Mainstream, Judnell, Prestige and all the Private press labels will be in the shakedown. I think i'll leave the Latin gears to Bacoso, who could compete? There could be a pinch of Soul to lighten the mood. 4 Hours of darkness could be a step to far. 

It's a great location, next to the Piccadilly Theatre, in the heart of the West End. We'll be squeezed into the Function room on the 1st Floor.

Massive thanks for the Artwork  goes to Blackclassical. 
Try to reach, come along and support.


the jazzstronaut said...

I, definitely, will be reaching!

jazzobsessive said...

Looking forward to this-sounds will be cool.

jazzobsessive said...
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katonah said...

Thanks guys.
Already feeling the pressure ...

Winb said...

Mmmm, going to try and get the wife out to this one.

katonah said...

Maybe some of this ...

hideo said...

can't afford the ride across the Atlantic right now :( :( :(

hope you two have a recording gizmo set up ;)

katonah said...

@ Hideo, where you at?
Maybe we'll bring this stateside next time, yeah sure

Hoochie Coochie man said...

WOw!! would love to be there!!

hideo said...

katonah, anywhere within 400 miles of Kansas City and I'll be there ;)

Gildas said...

I would say between
"74 miles away" to "500 Miles High", or close to "900 shares of the blues" !

so how was it ? any video, audio, newsclip !?

I guess this is almost a Première in the jazzy blogosphere history and a new concept for Music business. So we need to consolidate on this!


Theo said...

Hey Katonah! Just wanted to say thanks for a great night on Saturday! Wicked to meet you and Mike and so awesome to hear all those tunes in a public venue! Was saying to Mike how much my mate and I both enjoyed it and that you must do a repeat soon! We'll get more people along and hopefully not have to compete with disinterested partygoers - would be awesome to turn it into a semi-regular thing! Props for making it happen and look forward to a second installment before too long! All the best mate, Theo (the guy sitting by the turntables who you were showing off your jay richford and gary stevan record to!)

katonah said...

Thanks Theo, that sure is one hell of an lp!

@Gildas ;) it was music from another universe. Intergalactic!

Gildas said...

Intergalactic is my cup of tea!
I drink tea in all kind of Intergalactic cup; especially this one... (sorry for the mess!!)

SO ready for part II in Paris ?

>> I propose a party at New Morning venue; just after a live band.

Like this type of live band:

Or this one



katonah said...

That sounds amazing to me, maybe a quick Eurostar in the summer.

Let's take this to another place!

Gildas said...

OK. I got contact at New Morning and Jazz Mag + good friend working at Sony Music for 10 years.

So we should be able to prepare some good menu for funky parisians. Lots of rare afficionados among them.

Let's keep that in mind for better days

Gildas said...

. Lots of rare jazz afficionados among them.