Monday, 9 February 2009

Don Thompson; Country Place

Don Thompson : Country Place
Recorded at Red Gate Studio, Kent, New York. December 1975.
PM-Records -008, Produced by Gene Perla.
Engineered by Jan Hammer.

Don Thompson : Piano, and Vibraphone
Gene Perla : Accoustic and Electric Basses
Joe La Barbera : Drums

Side One
A Country Place
For Chris Gage (which runs straight into) Sasha's Delight

Side Two
Second Voyage
Full Nelson
Song for Sonny

Awesome accoustic jazz from a killer trio including the man, Gene Perla. Most of this album appears to be fairly straight ahead stuff, but give it a couple of listens. For me, Sasha's Delight is the absolute stormer. Perla's and LaBarbera's solos are DYNAMITE. Haven't stopped playing this baby since i got it a couple of weeks ago. Highly recommended.


katonah said...

picked this up for the price of cup of frothy coffee !!!! ...£2

Greg said...

Dont mind if i do...

BTW: you was robbed :)

johnv said...

This looks pretty interesting--thanks Katonah.

plato said...

4.5 star rave review on AMG: "The tracks, all Thompson originals, present the trio from several lights -- variously poignant, ecstatic, graceful, and sublime".
Thank you for sharing.

jazzme said...

Hi you posted Art Blakey Three Blind Mice Vol 2 a while back in Dec . I deleted those links and re uploaded it into one file that also includes Vol 1 of the set feel free to re upload it here is the new link , there is info with cover and players in each link .

jazzme said... this link will work

Solomon said...
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Greg said...

subsitute the wine for beer though and the soundtrack for sashas delight:

katonah said...

hope you liked it greg, nice to see you can afford a butler. knew you were loaded ...

Greg said...

i wish,,,,

Jur said...

Quelle surprise! "Song for Sonny" and "A Country PLace" are of rare beauty.


Solomon said...

Katonah are you interested in Buddy Rich's "A Different Drummer"?

It has Joe La Barbera's brothers Pat and John on it.

If you are interested I could send you the link.

JAZZYPIER ♪ said...

if Katonah won't, i'm here! ahahaha
i'm kidding!
thank for this dear friend!


katonah said...

count me in solomon, this place is need of some quality content ..

Solomon said...

Here is the link to Buddy Rich - A Different Drummer. It's a vinyl rip so it has a few pops but nothing bad.

JAZZYPIER ♪ said...

Thank u Solomon!


Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

Fantastic record.
thank you Katonah