Monday, 8 December 2008

Can i get some help ...

As you can clearly see, i need help . . . .
I've uploaded a couple of tracks i recorded off the radio way back in my younger days.
Poor TDK90 cassette quality, but there's some cool stuff on there.

There's a Nancy Wilson one on there, a nice digital copy would be cool.
There's a nice ballad dropped by 4Hero when they stood in for Gilles Peterson.
Can you put a name to it ?

Some soul number i know nothing about, and a nice version of So tired by Bobby Timmons that i've never found.
There's also Francisco Mora miss leading everybody about his latest release! (bacoso)

Finally, there's a top version of "People make the world go Round", for El Goog.


katonah said...

Cuki said...

Hard to find but a big fav at Bootsville from back in the day.
Vinyl rip from the soundtrack 'Steel'

Cuki said...

Next up

Moodymann - Black Mahogani
Also added the original sample ;)
Walter Murphy - Afternoon Of A Faun.
Always nice to know where they come from

E-mile said...

PMTWGR is from the Innerzone Orchestra...

katonah said...

cuki, your star!
sounds so much sweeter than my fucked up tapes.

and thanks e-mile.
does anyone have a nice clean one?
top man

E-mile said...

katonah, it's going to be in the probably-soon-to-come-all-known- versions-to mankind-post by Simon666 :-) (if you can't wait for that check here):
peace, E-mile

katonah said...

sweet, thanks e-mile, baggin the lot right now

the jazzman said...

I'm burning the Bobby Timmons album "The Bobby Timmons Trio In Person" which contains "So Tired". I'll post it here some time today I hope.

katonah said...

top stuff jazzman.
if it's ok with you, i'll put it up as a post so it doesn't get overlooked in the comments.

it'll give the place a bit more cred as well ...

g.raf said...

thanks katonah, cuki and e-mile.
some very sweet bits and pieces here.

the jazzman said...

OK for you to put it up. I'm putting it on mine as well but that's no problem. Please don't link to my blog though. Thanks.


File: BOBBY TIMMONS.part1.rar
File: BOBBY TIMMONS.part2.rar
File: BOBBY TIMMONS.part3.rar

1. Autumn Leaves - Bobby Timmons, Kosma, Joseph
2. So Tired
3. Goodbye - Bobby Timmons, Jenkins, Gordon
4. Dat Dere (Theme)
5. They Didn't Believe Me - Bobby Timmons, Reynolds, Herbert
6. Dat Dere
7. Popsy
8. I Didn't Know What Time It Was - Bobby Timmons, Rodgers, Richard
9. Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise - Bobby Timmons, Hammerstein, Oscar
10. Dat Dere (Theme)

katonah said...

thanks jazzman.
top stuff here.

is your place a private, i'm sure i've seen you leave comments dotted around a few places before.

the jazzman said...

I'm not private but I don't like to see my site on others with a link. Too many nut-jobs around and I prefer to stay under the radar. Unfortunately a post here gets on immediately without your access to delete it before it appears so I can't post my address here. If you want to post your e-mail address here I will send you a link to my site via e-mail. If you have never been there I'm sure you will find much to like.

katonah said...
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the jazzman said...

got it.....will send shortly.

el goog said...

If you were interested in Moodymann - Black Mahogani, you had better know this one that I like.

Cro-Magnon - Mellow Out & Acoustic

Labels of analog: Grafonola :::..
Mediafire link: CASA ABIERTA

Dusty groove: As the Cro-Magnon sound gets progressively more heavily textured and atmospheric on their successive and still stellar LPs, the trio scales it back a bit for the Mellow Out & Acoustic -- a groovy batch of jazz funk covers and originals! The vibe is actually often electric, cut from cloth of the cosmos, with tight rhythms -- the mellowness is more in the easygoing mood. And speaking of mood, the Cro-Magnon crew covers two tracks by Moodymann -- "Black Mahogani" and "Technologystolemyvinyle" -- plus a keyboard lounge take on the Jackson 5's "Never Can Say Goodbye", a similarly easy grooving take on the Roy Ayers classic "Mystic Voyage", the originals "Silent Wave", "Beyond The Summer" and "After All That" -- plus "Mysterious Vibes" and "Love Bite". 10 tracks in all. © 1996-2008, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

katonah said...

wow, thanks el goog.
that black mahogani is a great track. on my way to check this one out