Thursday, 25 December 2008

The Warm Voice of Billy "C"

The Warm Voice of Billy "C".
Where have you been Billy Boy. Strata East SES 7610.

Recorded at Minot Sound Studios. 1976.

Finally sat down and recorded this one fo Ish and Arkadin recently. To be perfectly honest, i've been putting it off ever since i'd first listened to it. I wouldn't go as far as to say the album has grown on me, but you cannot deny the quality of the musicians supporting Mr Campbell.

Stanley Cowell, Bill Lee and the core members of the Brass Company were always going to provide superb arrangements for Billy to lay (or should that be, swamp) his deep baritone over the top of each title. Maybe that's the problem. Billy rarely steps back and allows an instrumental solo from any of the very capable musicians present. What you're left with is "Billy Campbell sings Standards" in a very standard way. Which for me is a shame.

When you look back at the Strata East catalogue, it is easy to find many examples of where a little imagination and freedom has changed fairly standard/gospel outings, into breath-taking and haunting albums. The Decendants of Mike and Phoebe being a prime example.

1 : Where have you been Billy Boy
2 : Just a Gigolo
3 : Thank heaven for little Girls
4 : Both sides Now
5 : A fellow needs a Girl
6 : True
7 : Beware my heart

8 : Now or Never
9 : Love has gone Away
10 : We'll remember those Years
11 : Drink to me only with Thine Eyes
12 : No Carol


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merry christmas and many mixed vodka shots to you mr katonah

ish said...

Thanks Katonah! I will link this up. Appreciate it very much.

taro nombei said...

I am left entirely underwhelmed by your commentary, but being a completist I guess I should give this a listen. Thanks for taking the time to share this and best holiday wishes from Tokyo...

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Thanks Katonah, looking foward to listinig this.

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Currently downloading, curiosity is b***h! Thanks!

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hi, Katonah.
this album is a best present of all. moreover, your shares were all highest. thank you for all this year. i was able to experience wonderful music, by your favor.


Arkadin said...

It seems like my previous comment has never arrived here... Strange!

Thanks a lot for your effort, Katonah! I completely agree with you: This is a Strata-East-record lacking the adventurous spirit of its label mates completely. I'd say it's a little better than "Heavy Message", but me and Billy's singing style will never become good friends...

Thanks also for your other contributions & Happy New Year!

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Looks interesting, thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katonah, is this file still available? Mediafire is saying that it's set to private.

Cello said...

Hello, same problem here, could you please repost it?

thx much for the great music!

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good evening & thankyou

this file...warm voice of billy c + charles davis-ingia are set to private is there a pass word I could possibly have please or what is the method to download?

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Same thing happening here... the file seems to be set to private. Is there a way for me to doenload it despite that fact?

Thanks in advance!

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