Saturday, 6 December 2008

Bill Barron live. Part 1

Bill Barron : Live at Cobi's.
Recorded 24th October 1987 - 4th March 1988.

Another generous contribution from Igor.
Nothing to taxing here, just beautiful straight ahead jazz. I happened to be in just the right mood for this set tonight.



katonah said...

thanks again igor

Baby Breeze said...

I've never, ever come across a live recording of Bill Barron, and this is indeed a surprise and a pleasure to find here. Equally surprising is that no one has commented thus far on this one. I'd considered uploading some Barron on my own little site, but now I just won't bother.

He's always been somewhat of an enigmatic player to me, playing with the grit of Booker Ervin (with whom he collaborated on some Savoy releases) and the phrasing of Dexter Gordon, not to mention the rarity of his recordings. I appreciate every opportunity to hear more of his scarce yet valuable work. Thanks!

thoth said...

yeah i wonder why bill barron never became more well known. perhaps he was more focused on being an educator than on a touring and recording jazz musician.