Thursday, 4 December 2008

Sabu :- Aurora Borealis

Sabu Martinez
Recorded 14th/15th November 1971. Co-op Label

In light of Bacoso's recommendations over at Orgy in Rhythm.
Here's a small sample of what Sabu was producing around that time.

Good excuse to post another killer cover as well.
Many thanks Greg for the replacement Hucherson artwork.



katonah said...

Newk said...

Whoah...I have never seen this. I'd recently been trying to get through college finals with nightly music rituals, and much of that for some reason has involved many of the major percussionists we all love (I sometimes take Blakey for granted! Why has no one brought up Guy Warren?). I look forward to adding this to the playlist. Thank you.

el goog said...

Amazing super katonah, you are my hero.
I really appreciate everything you've shared.

Igor said...

As always, great choice katonah.
Perhaps you will like this:
Bill Barron Quartet
Live At Cobi's (Steeplechase)
320@mp3 with scans

1. This One's For Monk
2. Easy Does It
3. Confirmation
4. Row House
5. Angel Eyes
6. Voyage
7. Until Further Notice

Bill Barron - tenor sax
Fred Simmons - piano
Santi Debriano - bass
Ben Riley - drums

There is also Live At Cobi's second part, and if you agree I can up them as well.

Simon666 said...

great track katonah, thanks! Love the hard conga stuff in the last minute and a half, killer stuff.

katonah said...

thanks igor, not d/loaded this yet, but pt2 would be cool.

@el goog, you are more than welcome

@simon, glad you like it, hope you don't mind the artwork change, greg did a series of them.
blame him!

Simon666 said...

hi katonah -
No problem, only a hobby with me.

I did however edit the recommendation I did last week, as it looks kinda silly saying "I did artwork" for this album, then they click and it's been replaced. Anway, Still points to the great music, which is the main thing.

Art Simon said...

Great track! Thanks, love the early seventies hard groove! Is it impolite to ask if the rest of the album is out there somewhere?

Igor said...

And here is Live At Cobi's 2
Bill & Kenny Barron Quartet
320@mp3 with scans

1. September 1979
2. Spring Thing
3. What's New
4. Interpretation
5. Tragic Magic
6. Cherokee

Bill Barron - tenor & soprano sax
Kenny Barron - piano
Cecil McBee - bass
Ben Riley - drums

katonah said...

@ art simon
i bought the lp off the net a little while ago (not cheap!). there may well be a link for the whole thing out there somewhere.

@ simon
apologies for that Simon.
There is another one on the way.
by the looks of the feedback, it's one that very few people have come across.
the rarest of the rare ??

@ igor
top man igor, off the grab these right now.
many thanks as always

taro nombei said...

thanks indeed for this Sabu.
sounds brilliant... like just everything else you've posted on your blog.
best from Tokyo

katonah said...

thanks for your kind words taro.

@igor, nice to see cecil mcbee is on the second set. the 1st set is sounding pretty cool

jesus said...

Is there anyway you can up the whole lp?

Anonymous said...

cmon man, dont be greedy to the less fortunate who have no access to beautiful music like this

Simon666 said...

Good point thundergiant, particularly as you're so generous on your own blog. Thanks for the Janko Nilvoc (NOT)

Anonymous said...

hey Simon, I can help you out with Mr. Janko Nilovic. I have a good amount of his albums.

Simon666 said...

Thanks Thundergiant, I already have that one. My point was that you called katonah (who has shared a large amount of music here and elsewhere) "greedy", but you are not sharing anything at all on your blogs. That's really unfair, hey ?

Anonymous said...

I find it more productive using my time to play music on guitar and many other instruments I own. Also, I probably don't have anything you guys don't have. All I can do is appreciate this amazing world of music that should be acknowledged on a higher level and dedicate my blog to medical and therapeutic uses of LSD. (Which will incorporate 60-70's music as a way of inducing a predestined trip among the patients.) I'm sorry, I am just anxious to listen to this long searched for album that should be available just like most of the other links;except for space walk, I gotta get that one too.

blue said...
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