Sunday, 21 December 2008

Khaliq Al-Rouf and Salaam

The Elephant Trot Dance.
Nilva Records.

Recorded at Minot Studios, White Plains, NY 18th June 1975.
(Tracks 1 and 5)

Recorded at Platinum Factory, Brooklyn, NY 8th March 1979.
(Tracks 2, 3 and 4)

1 : The Elephant Trot Dance
2 : Sweet Eve
3 : Sunset in Venus
4 : Malcolm, the Call
5 : Libra


katonah said...

just in case anybody missed this monster when i contributed over at Curved Air sometime ago now.

el goog said...

yep I knew there and i love there but i didn't know it's yours. this one I'd loved since i found it at CA. (hello actuel.)
after all you are my hero, thank you katonah.

Greg said...

still alive then ;)

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Art Simon said...

Wow! This is a monster!

katonah said...

never made it greg, one sick puppy.
just diggin your black classical comp, tasty.

katonah said...

thanks el goog.
hope you have a great christmas

chiku_sai said...

i'd loved this stuff, never knowing your sharing. really appreciate for one year.


johnv said...

I missed it and I'm glad to check it out now. Thanks as always Katonah!!

jazzme said...

Merry Christmas and thx for the lp's this year , here's something in return - Blind Mice, Vol. 2 , Pt - Blind Mice Vol 2 , Pt - Pt 2 of this file has a cd cover . post this if you like Steve Feel Free to post this

taro nombei said...

I did help myself to this one first time around, but i didn't realize you were the man responsible.
Better late than never... Thanks, Katonah, not just for this but for all the great shares this year!

katonah said...

@ tn.
thanks for all the comments, and i hope you enjoy the billy c album.
you never know

Hanoi Sessions said...

Super, super late on this, but is there any chance of hearing this?
All the best and thanks for highlighting some real gems!

Bender said...

Oh man, I'm late, and the album has been set to private. Is there any way I can hear this?