Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Luther Lane

Luther Lane.
Other Places. Varese Sarabande International, vp81029.
Recorded at the Organic Audio Studios, Los Angeles. Autumn 1977.
A massive thanks goes out to Arkadin for coming up trumps this time.
Just having my first listen to this rarity right now, and it's all good!
Gorilla my Dreams
Amber Autumn
Just the other Day
Bologna Lady
Heaven : Earth : Man
Great stuff, highly recommended.


katonah said...

blue said...

Don't have this recording but...... the same guys have a group called Red Hill Quartet. It's available as a free download from and there is biographical info about them including their email address and phone numbers!! Maybe you could email or call them about the Luther Lane recording??!

Harvey Lane - Tenor sax, soprano sax, flute. Along with musical partner Ricky Luther, has led jazz groups in Los Angeles for many years. He has a big, open sound and plays with a great deal of passion. Album credits include releases on Atlantic/Atco, Varese Sarabande, and Aim Records.

Ricky Luther - Vibes, keyboards. The most prolific composer in the band, Ricky’s unconventional compositions provide much of the canvas the band uses for its musical images. His driving solos and unique approach to harmony add a great deal of texture to the sound.

blue said...

they also have a website

Good luck. The Luther Lane "Other Places" sound clips sound really interesting.

Cabinboy said...

i found it, downloading it now and then i'll post a link

katonah said...

sweet thanks cabinboy.
and thanks for all the info blue

katonah said...

any luck cabinboy?

Arkadin said...

Hi Katonah & Cabinboy!

I just wanted to inform you that I have this album (which is definitely a killer), so if there are problems getting it, I'd be pleased to help you out with a link...
Just tell me!

katonah said...

arkadin, that would make my christmas.!!
top man

Arkadin said...

I hope that doesn't look like I'm jumping the queue to you, Cabinboy, but Christmas is just around the corner and I like playing Santa Claus ;-)


Art Simon said...

Thanks Arkadin and Katonah! Cool Record!

harvkaz said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words regarding the Luther Lane album. Also wanted to let you know that the current edition of Ricky's and my band is called the Red Hill Quartet. I justed posted some comments and background information on the album on the blog page of our website

On our website you can hear tracks from our 2 most recent CDs, find out where we're playing and join the email list.

When you make music, it's always gratifying to know there are people out there who appreciate the work.

Harvey Lane

katonah said...

Harvey Lane! truly humbled.
This album is such a joy, an all time favourite, many many thanks for dropping by.