Friday, 2 January 2009

Jameel Moondoc Quintet

Nostalgia in Times Square 1985.
Another example of tasteful generosity from Igor that needs to be highlighted.
The cover is pushing the boundaries of taste, but don't let that put you off.
Great music once again, thanks Igor.
Nostalgia in Times Square
In walked Monk
Dance of the Clowns


katonah said...

ahimsa said...

Could you share this stuff in lossless format? Thanks a lot:)

roberto t. said...

Thank you! I'd grab anything with Moondoc, but who's in the quintet?

katonah said...

jameel moondoc : alto/soprano
bern nix : guitar
william parker : bass
rahn burton : piano
dennis charles : drums

Greg said...

yeah katonah you lazy bastard...
lossless from now on
with full artwork scans
and tagged properly
and discog/catalogue info too
fucking hell
it don't take up anymore time to do that shit...

please :)

katonah said...

i know, i gotta try harder.

Boromir said...

Thanks very much for this. Moondoc very uderrated.

thoth said...

moondoc's playing is just a bit "off" which adds a touch of insanity to this album. i guess nix is a bit off too. probably the addition of his post-harmelodic guitar playing is a big contributor to what makes this album more interesting than much of the other jazz coming out at this time when the music was starting to get boring again.