Monday, 12 January 2009

Ronnie Cuber

The Eleventh Day of Aquarius
Recorded 31st January 1979, Studio B, Rca, New York. Xanadu 156.

Ronnie Cuber : Baritone sax
Tom Harrell : Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Mickey Tucker : Piano
Dennis Irwin : Bass
Eddie Gladden : Drums

There i was, minding my own business, "have you heard this one .. ?" 10 minutes later, i'm at the counter parting with some hard-earned.
Warning; record hunting with Bacoso can be hugely addictive, the guy's got far to much knowledge.

As you would expect, this has turned out to be an awesome record, and i'm very grateful for being pointed in it's direction by the man himself.

side A
Open air

side B
Taurus Lullaby
Commit to Memory

Link in Comments


katonah said...

Jazzjet said...

Hi Katonah,
Thanks for this great post - and for all the other great ones!

bacoso said...

top banana-and a top minging hangover too yer bastard!

cheeba said...

Nothing like a bit of helpful guidance, hey katonah? Cuber is excellent on everything I've heard from him so far. I'm also a sucker for zodiac-themed tunes so double looking forward. Big thanks!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

g.raf said...

Thanks Katonah (and Bacoso!)
Great record.

Igor said...

Thanks Katonah and Basoco.

Cuber Libre on Xanadu was excellent, I believe that this one is close.
I dug up something for you. Ernie Krivda and Friends - Satanic. I think you'll like it if you have not already heard it.
Just look at the cover, sure to win the Greatest Shit Jazz Covers of the Week competition.
This is my vinyl rip, 320 Mp3.

thoth said...

glad cuber got to lead a few sessions. a solid sideman on a variety of sessions for a long time.

Art Simon said...

Thanks to both Katonah and Bacoso for this one. Top Notch! Thanks!

pcvphunk said...

Thanks to you all, Ronnie Cuber is completely new to me.

sasha said...

Yea..Great to hear some old vinyl..Just can't beat it..Hate the way some of the xanadu and other issues came out sounding on c.d..Especially on Camden..Seemed to my ears to have robbed the music of its ceiling and bassment(if you get my meaning)..So happy hunting for more of the stuff!!

Simon666 said...

yes yes yes, love this one. Thanks Katonah!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

please don't tease other music fanatics with these "private links" that are posted on public blogs

rochus said...

Being a recent convert to the work of Ronnie Cuber, it's frustrating to find so much of his work out of print.

Thanks for the post. I would appreciate it very much if you could allow me to access the link.


Jay Cee said...

I love the collaborations of ronnie cuber with so many people, and would like listen this grabation.

could you allow me access to the link?

Thank you very much.

Gaston said...

Please provide public link! Thanks!!! :D