Thursday, 29 January 2009

Charles Davis : Ingia!

Charles Davis featuring;
Louis Davis with Louis Hayes and Company.

Strata East. SES7425. Recorded 15th July 1974, Minot Studios.

Re-upped and re-posted by request.
This tasty little number was originally contributed over at El Reza's place. However, that top blogspot has been closed for a while now, so it's high time this was back out there on the net. If you're a regular over at the Strata East Fan Club, you'll know there's just one missing for the full running flush ... We just need that M'Boom nugget to complete the set.


katonah said...

ish said...

thanks for the re-up Katonah; I fixed the link at the Strata-East Fan Club blog for you.

As for the Mboom, waaaaahhhhh. I promise to personally smash a modern smooth jazz cd to bits with a hammer in return for a rip of this album!

el goog said...

Yeah, we want The holy grail!

Arkadin said...

@Ish LOL! I'd like to see that! If the M'Boom ever shows up you have to videotape smashing Kenny G. and upload it to YouTube! ;-)

DJInnaSoul said...

Katonah, many many thanks.

Guys if had the holy grail I'd FLAC it and put it up for you guys in an instant. I will certainly keep my eyes open in the crates.

DJInnaSoul said...
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jazzme said...

here's something to post if you like . . The non music link is a link to Bernie's website for cd info and a dvd for sale, this is a friend of mine and he is fine with it being posted Steve

katonah said...

thanks for this steve.
had a few listens, think it needs to go up as a full post.

best regards, katonah

mfpele said...

damn i would really like to hear this...any chance? thanks