Thursday, 22 January 2009

Carmen Lundy : Time is Love (2 Versions)

Carmen Lundy ; 4 x Sweetness

Time for some more top tunes from the Lundy family. There's two different versions of
the all time killer track Time is Love. One is the version conversion from Quasimode, the
other is taken from the album Good Morning Kiss. There's two more tracks lifted from that album that need a listen. Quiet Times and Love for Sale.

Highly recommended.


katonah said...

Simon666 said...

Thanks Katonah! Didn't know the newer version, great stuff.

Igor said...

Thanks Katonah.

Maybe this will be interesting.
A classic from the sixties.

The New York Art Quartet - Mohawk

stay well

katonah said...

Once again, thanks Iogr. I've picked this one up loads of times, but seemed to get to the counter. Now i finally get a chance to hear it.

katonah said...

@ igor.
just to say, i would have made your mohawk link a full post, but a google search shows it's been posted at inconstant sol.
great music btw, many thanks.

Simon666 said...

Hi Katonah,
I’ve linked to your page in my post of Walter Bishop – “Cubicle” (1978). Carmen Lundy sings the opening track :)
All the best,

Simon666 said...

nice third version of this track :

bluenote124 said...

Carmen Lundy!top vocals. I know the "Good Morning Kiss"version but not the other one. Loved it! Thanks Katonah.