Friday, 16 January 2009

Ernie Krivda and Friends

Ernie Krivda and Friends

Just had to promote this contribution from Igor to a full blown post, if only to highlight the eye-watering cover!. I've never seen or heard of this one before, and it's definitely worthy of a few listens.

1: Song for the Moon
2: The Piper
3: Three-legged Dance
4: Magic Music Box
5: Munchkin
6: La Festival

Highly recommended, many thanks again Igor.


katonah said...

Greg said...

thats a shit cover... there is a place for that sort of thing you know ;)

katonah said...

now hang on a minute greg, the way the "S" has slowly turns into a big scary snake is really ....

no your right, it's a stinker!

Greg said...

made my eyeballs bleed ;)

thanks as ever igor let me know your mail and ill invite you to SFTEOTU???

ish said...

Hey I like the snake. As a person shopping for a snake image for the perfect tattoo I say thanks for the imagery. :)

Anyway, being on Inner City I wil give it a try! Thanks Katonah.

Igor said...
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Greg said...
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Solomon said...

Thank you Igor.

Hey Greg, can I get an invite to Sounds From The Edge Of The Universe?

I know I don't say much, but I always try to say "Thank you" for all the albums I download. I really miss the blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

especisally, i love track 1.
much thanks katonah and igor always!

fritz the cat said...

Gosh I downloaded the album just because of the cover

il angelo said...

Questionable cover indeed but he is a hell of a saxplayer ( isn't he a bit of an inexhaustible manic?), the Spanish tinged modal track one is a winner all over. Thanks Igor & Katonah

Anonymous said...


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