Saturday, 8 November 2008

Roy Brooks and the Artistic Truth

Roy Brooks and the Artistic Truth
Live at the Town Hall. Recorded 26th May 1974, New York City.
This is an amazing album


katonah said...

OchoReSotto said...

I am looking for that record for ages!
thanx for that super-rare record. the baystate record company should re-issue there killers on vinyl!!

Dan Buskirk said...

I've downloaded it twice but it only comes up as one track, "The Last Profet". It is a wonderful track, is the rest available as well? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi, katonah.
always thianks.

Baystate is one of my favorite label.

thanks again.

Greg said...

the saheel concert and m'boom : repercussion (baystate not strata east) aside prob two of the greatest ever jazz recordings...

This is my number 2 fav by brooks just pipped by free slave although it does change from time to time ;)

Marvelous stuff!

taro nombei said...

thanks very much indeed katonah. Premium post!

taro nombei said...

Looking forward to hearing more...

katonah said...

just to clarify.
this, as well some of the other posts here, are still very much available to buy.

that's why there is only one track

katonah said...

@ ochoresotto, i agree
these re-issues on 180gram vinyl would be awesome.

know what you mean, having a bit of a "brooks" obsession at the moment.

has know one got that damn strata east album. !?!

Anonymous said...

hey, katonah.

do you know this??

seems awesome.

however, too expensive.|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318


katonah said...

@ chiku sai

yes, a very good friend sent me a digital copy. it's an awesome album

i bidded on that ebay auction btw.
if it had been a clean vinyl i would have gone a lot higher.

Anonymous said...

hi, Katonah.
you have a wonderful friend. excuse me, could you share that, please? my e-mail is in profile. of course, the gratitude to your usual goodwill doesn't change even if refused.

thank you.