Monday, 10 November 2008

Kalaparush : Dream of - - - -

Kalaparush : Dream of - - - -

Recorded at the Spirit Room, Rossie, New York, 2nd/3rd June 1998

A first for Private Press.
Reed player "Kalaparush" Maurice McIntyre, another alumnus of Muhal Richard Abrams' Experimental Band, added an intense spiritual fervor to the abstract paradigms of Chicago's creative music (basically transporting the intuition of Albert Ayler and John Coltrane into a different context). He also straddled the line between rhythm'n'blues and free jazz in a spontaneous way that had few equals. Humility in the Light of the Creator (february 1969), featuring Leo Smith on trumpet, John Stubblefield on woodwinds, Malachi Favors on bass, Amina Claudine Meyers on piano and George Hines' wordless vocals, contained the five-movement suite Ensemble Love and the 19-minute Ensemble Fate. McIntyre formed Light (Fred Hopkins on bass, Sarnie Garrett on electric guitar, Wesley Tyus on drums, Rita Omolokun on vocals) and recorded Forces and Feelings (november 1970). He then relocated to New York and began teaching at the "Creative Music Studio" that vibraphonist Karl Berger had opened in Woodstock in 1972. One of the least prolific of all creative musicians, McIntyre took a decade to find the inspiration for Peace and Blessings (june 1979), basically a duet between Longineu Parsons (on trumpet, flugelhorn, flute, sopranino, soprano and alto) and McIntyre (on tenor, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet and percussion) plus a bassist and a drummer. The live Ram's Run (march 1981) featured a quartet with McIntyre on tenor, Julius Hemphill on alto, Malachi Thompson on trumpet and a drummer. After Dream Of (june 1998), in a trio with drummer Pheeroan Aklaff and bassist Michael Logan, McIntyre settled for a trio with a tuba player and a drummer on South Eastern (november 2001), the live The Moment (november 2001) and Morning Song (august 2003). Paths Of Glory (march 2004) added a bassist to the sax-drums-tuba trio.


katonah said...

A huge thank you to igor.
i like your style.

Igor said...

Pleasure was mine, Katona.
Shall I continue with the new post?
I suggest another sax player who deserves greater attention - Noah Howard.
several of his discs can be found on the net, so there is no need to duplicate these posts, including ESP discs.
I suggest this one: "Patterns/ Message to South Africa" (Eremite).
What do you think about it?

katonah said...

sounds good to me igor, more music the better.

Igor said...

Noah Howard
Patterns/ Message to South Africa
Eremite 1999
FLAC with scans

1. Patterns
Noah Howard - alto sax, bells & shakers, vocals
Han Bennink - drums, percussion, Tibetan horn
Steve Boston - congas
Earl Freeman - bass
Misha Mengelberg - piano
Jaap Schoonhoven - guitar

Hilversum, Holland, october 1971.

2. Message to South Africa
Noah Howard - alto sax, bells, vocals
Johnny Dyani - bass, vocals
Kali Fasteau - sheng, vocals
Chris McGregor - piano
Noel McGee - drums
Paris, France, 1979.

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