Saturday, 8 November 2008


Kalaparusha. Recorded 9th May 1977
Kalaparusha, Malachi Thompson, John Betsch, Juma Sultan
What an incredible album.


katonah said...

alex said...

many thanks katonah-awesome drop!

Igor said...

Thank You Katonah. Great find.
Are You interested in Kalaparus Maurice McIntyre Trio - Dream of.... (CIMP)?

katonah said...

sounds tasty igor.
do have a link? in fact, you could be the very first guest post at pp!

Igor said...

Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre Trio
Dream of----
1998 CIMP
320 mp3 with scans

1. Kalaparush's Blues Changes
2. Leah's Song
3. Painting #9
4. Denise's Song - Orbit Stroll
5. John's Tune
6. Dream of ----
7. Metamorphosis #34

Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre- tenor sax, flute
Michael Logan - bass
Pheeron akLaff - drums

taro nombei said...

this too much appreciated.
and thanks alot to igor too for the Dream of---- links. looking forward to hearing all of these.

wightdj said...

Excellent, thanks for expanding my interest in Kalaparush.