Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Bobby Hutcherson and Harold Land live. Stockholm 1969

Bobby Hutcherson and Harold Land.
Recorded live at Stockholm, Sweden. 28th July 1969.

Another helping of truly beautiful music from a very special line up.
These guys are all playing at the top of their game once again.

Many thanks Greg, for the superb artwork.


katonah said...

sorry, i lost the first few comments by accident.

Part 1

Part 2

taro nombei said...

not to worry, i was one of them complimenting you on another exceptional post and Simon for the great 'cover' art. Yours is one of the truly excellent blogs out here!!
thanks as always.

g.raf said...

Thanks for all these live dates Katonah. It is wonderful hearing these extended workouts of tunes i only know from the studio recordings.

jazzme said...

Here's something in return for your posts ...Here are links for the Bailey - Sabu - Brotzmann - Live In Okayama cd -------Recorded on Nov 16 th 1987 here are mp3 links -- http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=00bb25726436bb1eab1eab3e9fa335ca30362dea1add66f9 .. here is a link for the cover ...www1.ttcn.ne.jp/~improvised.co/cd002_okayama.jpg

Simon666 said...

Sorry to make you replace the images, but looks better in the 2nd version hey?
Wonderful music ...

Art Simon said...

Thanks! And thanks too to Simon for the cover. Very cool!

Greg said...

OOOPS yOu clumsy bastard ;)

Having said that I've done that a few times my self on one of yours if I remember rightly... I'll snag it tonight muchos gracias el gringo!!!


katonah said...

i was rushing around getting ready to go and watch paul weller at the brixton academy.
tried deleting the original pictures and ended up deleting the whole shooting match!

many many thanks for this.
can't wait to have a listen.
might have to make it a full post so it doesn't get overlooked.

Igor said...

Thanks Catonah on this rarity.
Beutiful! They are all heavyweight.

And a small contribution in return.
Johnny Dyani with another Avant jazz legend - John Tchicai.

Johnny Dyani - Witchdoctor's Son
1987 SteepleCgase

1. Heart With Minor's Face
2. Ntylo Ntylo
3. Radebe
4. Mbizo
5. Eyomzi
6. Magwaza
7. Radebe take 1
8. Heart With Minor's Face take 2
9. Ntylo Ntylo take 1
10. Magwaza take 1

John Tchicai- alto and soprano sax
Dudu Pukwana - alto and tenor sax
Johnny Dyani - bass, piano, vocal
Alfredo Do Nascimento - guitar
Luez "Chuim" Carlos De Sequaira - drums
Mohamed Al-Jabry - Congas, percussion


katonah said...

top stuff igor.
if this as good as the previous contributions then we're in for a treat.
many thanks

bacoso said...

finally got a free evening to listen to this and its.......excellent!!!great recording too-thanks.

Radenko said...

amazing post katonash. thanks a lot!

dwinno said...

Wow, another one. Much appreciated katonah

Andy said...

Wow!more live stuff,great post,thanks.

Felipe said...

Anyc chance of reupload? Please

Felipe said...

I've just found some picture covers of these 69 live sessions of Bobby Hutcherson and Harold Land band that I would like to share:

Bobby Hutcherson-Harold Land Quintet 7-25&26-1969 Antibes, France:


Bobby Hutcherson-Harold Land Quintet 1969-07-28 Stockholm, Sweden:


Please reupload the Stockholm concert!

katonah said...

back up for a couple of days felipe, enjoy

Felipe said...

Many thanks man. Great concert, great crew... Jazz is life.
If some of the people that checks your great blog or yourself are interested in the Medina & Spiral albums of Hutcherson. Here you have a link of a flac file (Both albums in one archive):


Right click in the rar link and Save link as to download.

anomia said...

The medialink sya the files are set to private - please could you re-post OR re-set access so they can be downloaded!?

Thanks for the great shares!!!

anomia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JT said...

Many thanks for the great set! Jeff

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