Friday, 23 July 2010

Dick Durham : OP's Waltz

Dick Durham. OP's Waltz.
Private Pressing.
Recorded at Sound ideas Studios, New York, 10th September 1973

Dick Durham, Richard Davis, Hank Huncharoff.

OP's Waltz
Here's that Rainy Day
Rock Scherzo
The World's Weirdest Ragtime Player
Happiness Bossa-Nova
Oh, That old Riff
We'll be together Again

Re upped for The Scenery Within. Watch out for some heavy support from Richard Davis


katonah said...

nick said...

thank you! don't know about this one, but looks great.

taro nombei said...

I missed this first time around but not this time.
Excellent and much appreciated!

g.raf said...

Thanks for the re up Katonah.
I missed this too.

sasha said...

Thanks Katonah..Yea Richard Davis is heavy..Period!!!!!

(°_°) said...

great !