Sunday, 15 March 2009

Another call of Mercy

Lightmen Plus One; All Praises to Allah (Parts 1 and 2)
Lightin Records.

This little beauty recently sold on E-bay for no less than £410 !!! Which is just a touch out my range. There's an audio clip in the auction link in the comments. It's a bit of a long shot, but does anybody out there have a copy of this, or maybe i've missed this on a compilation from years gone by. If not, at least grab the clip, it's a real honey.


katonah said...

Simon666 said...

when i go there, it shows for about a second, then flicks to "bidding has ended". Did you save the clip ?

Sun Zoo said...

Simon666 said...

Thanks Sun Zoo.

Wow, great track ....

el goog said...

A little bit information.
Did you know this compilation album, which was released in November, 2008 by Soul-Cal & Now-Again? It seems to be the show case that they plan sale in 2009.

And then I found a post in Japanes about this single. According to his saying, This 7 inch single seem to have changed several pieces lightly at the beginning of last year and collected topics of vinyl collectors in a global scale. Fortunately, he purchased it because he was asked whether to buy it.

Anyway, we unfortunate seem to have only waiting for the release of it from Soul Cal Records.


katonah said...

thanks for all the info eg, looks like that compilation is going to be a must-have.

el goog said...

Yes must be but don't have yet.

Greg said...

So that's why it's on that podcast then... Test pressing for egons label!

Saw a bunch of them today but swerved em because of that... The same label has just/recently put out stan Davis gehetto mysticism too...

Btw my sun ra verse strata east mix is a killer :) ridiculous shameless self promo hope you don't mind?

Did you get recently a dee dee bridgewater lp something to do with boiling brains and blood... Volume 2?

katonah said...

greg; just sat here and uploaded soul trans. it's exactly 100mb, mediafire computer said "no".
bollocks, gotta do it all again.

where's the brains on fire 2 ??
where's your mix ??
where's these podacsts ??
where's my mummy ??

Greg said...

hate it when that happens thats why i did that sendspace thing 300mb stops all of that nonsense would be nice for them to tell you before hand instead of going through that whole rigmarole?

saw brains on fire 2 today very cheap...

mix soon...


not seen your mum ?!?

....well 3 out of 4 aint bad?

Simon666 said...

- where's Sun Ra vs Strata East ?
- where's the podcaat featuring this track ?
Help an old dude out ....
And I promise never to call you 'dude' again ..

Greg said...

dude its here:

Intro: Dennis Irving interviews Sun Ra, Pacifica Radio 1968

A Beautiful Omnipresent Love:
Azar Lawrence with Jean Carne

When There is No Sun:
Sun Ra

Blues in 10/12:

Arabic Mood:
Valdambrini Piana Quintet

Sleeping Beauty:
Sun Ra

John Betsch

Complete the Circle:
Oneness of Ju-Ju

Chick Chick:
Descendants of Mike and Phoebe

Black Narcissus:

Spring & Summer Idyll:
Sun Ra

Rome at Twilight:
Sun Ra

A Beautiful Omnipresent Love:
Azar Lawrence with Jean Carne

Tobias Funke said...

Great site, loving the selections. Just to let you know that the US release of Jazzman Record's "Spiritual Jazz" comp is apparently going to include "All Prasies To Allah (parts 1 & 2 edit)" by Lightmen Plus One as a bonus track.

Bit gutted it wasn't on the UK release too but still, worth waiting for by the sound of it.

katonah said...

tobias funke; you be the man!
on my way there right away.
thanks for the tip

bacoso said...

get yer spondoolies out..........

katonah said...

I've got a rip of that bad-boy somewhere!. Time for a Lightmen Special post, with added 7" single bonus extra super limited ... etc

bacoso said...

blimey can yer wing it over sometime?seems to be umavailable now.

katonah said...

i'll go and dig it out.

Winb said...

I'm supposed to be working from home today but here I am in blogland again and just relaxing whilst working to some of your great sounds Katonah. My dad got me into Jazz as a kid and I took it a step further and the likes of yourself, Reza, Simon at Neverenoughrhodes et al took it onto another level. Thank you.