Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Innerzone Orchestra

Innerzone Orchestra

Bug in the Bass Bin.

Recorded 1996, Planet E.
Featuring Francisco Mora and Rodney Whittiker.

Stunning music from the "catlett"


katonah said...

Simon666 said...

Nice track!
Thanks Katonah

corvimax said...

Well, going electro here, just to keep up to date.
I did'n'know theese guys, now listening and is no bad at all
Thank you Katonah

el goog said...

Wow, this is a original cover! This is my favorite.
I really like this version. I have three from Mo'wax :)
Thanks, katonah.

trumpetaaa said...

many thanks for all the wonderful music here

katonah said...

3? el goog, thats just greedy.
mind you, they will be worth a fortune in years to come

Art Simon said...

Is this from the "Techno Jazz" compilation? Awesome! Love it, and I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.

katonah said...

not sure,
heard an interview with francisco mora at the time it was released, which seemed to suggest it was a bit of a one off