Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Horace Tapscott

Horace Tapscott The Call Nimbus 246
Recorded 8th April 1978, Los Angeles, California

Side One
The Call
Quagmire Manor at Five A.M

Side Two
Nakatini Suite
Peyote Suite No.III

A chance to say a big thank you to Greg


katonah said...

Greg said...

Legend! Thanks a million mr. Katonah = )

el goog said...

Yep, great one!

anyathar said...

thanks katonah and greg, for these great posts and for getting me into harold tapscott - hadnt really heard of him before the 2 posts here!

chazz said...

Many great Nimbus West/Tapscott and others are at got back in Dadisi Komolafe "Hassan's Walk" a stone cold classic.Great listening lips.Some Tappscott Lp's but most are CD's.83 year old Tom Albach the owner is still full of piss and vinegar and a great guy to support.One to look for are Gary Bias 101 (Ile Oxumare?) and Ricky Kelly which aren't availible.Go listen to clips
Peace Chazz

open form said...

this is now out out of print & sold out

could you repost it or...

thank you


katonah said...

i'll re-energize it for you.
best regards

open form said...

great peyote :o)

thank you & greg