Tuesday, 2 October 2012

All Rhodes lead to Mexico

Blue Note : 1976

More rare private press gears. This time finds this Mexican only release from 1976 on NCL. Spaced out latinesque jazz of the highest order. 

Robert Aymes : Basses
Ramon Negrete : Sax
Adolph Sahun : Trumpet
Juan Ramon II : Drums
Eugenio Toussaint : Piano
Salvador Aguero : Percussion

Check the whole thing, especially La Nina de los Ojos Verdes. Hot!



katonah said...


the whole thing

Mimi Soul said...

Very curious about it. Thanks Katonah


Simon666 said...

Excellent stuff, thanks a lot mr K! 'El Mirlo" is the track for me. I had a thin-sounding low bitrate of this album downloaded from somewhere, so great to get this nice version from you :)

Here are the cover scans from that download, front and back not too great but inner covers are good :

Bill said...

Looking forward to this! THANK YOU!

the jazzstronaut said...

Cheers in advance Katonah, can't wait to get into this.

Quimsy said...

fucking great

Gildas said...

Excellent cake as we can all have a slice of it/eat!

I would go for "Kamazotz"

Thanks again Katonah

More info here

Original mexican LP issued in 1976on Nueva Cultura, and released in Mexico only. The group is composed of some of the best musicians from the jazz and also funk Mexican scene (as you can see on the line-up below), who also participated to projects like the now famous "Rabbits & Carrots" and other underground gems. This record is a real jazz masterpiece, at the same level as Nil's Jazz Ensemble, Candeias etc...

The quartet members are : Eugenio Toussaint (electric piano, flute, guitar), Salvador "Rabito" Aguero (drums, percussions), Roberto Aymes (bass)

+ featuring as guest : Alejandro Campos (sax alto), Ramon Negrete (sax soprano, tenor), Juan Ramon (drums), Arturo Cipriano (flute)

>> Eugenio Toussaint Uhtohff (October 9, 1954 – February 8, 2011) was a Mexican composer, arranger and jazz musician.

He began playing as a pianist in 1972 with the band "Odradek". In 1975, he took part in the jazz band "Blue Note" (which was also the name of his first album) and a year later he founded the Mexican band "Sacbé", one of the most important Mexican jazz bands. This band started October 2, 1976 and included brothers Enrique Toussaint on bass and Fernando Toussaint on drums, Mexican saxophone player Alejandro Campos was also part of the founding members of the band. In 1979 the band moved to the USA and did some work in Minneapolis with guitar player Will Sumner.


Bacoso said...

Nice work chap!

juan manuel muñoz said...

muchas gracias, thanks a lot, no tendrás el de Mendez Trío, de esa misma compañía?

Gildas said...

Ho yeah Mendez Trio

Loving "Quetzalcóati ". What a nice smooth groove !
Also scarce and rare mexican Lp (Catalogue:NCL/LP/0015, Manufactured for The Mexican Independent label DISCOS NCL)

Well...here (inc. very nice quality cover pic) http://www.mediafire.com/?dzvkd0cv5ab6nsl

I guess it originally comes here http://allthingsallways.blogspot.fr/search?q=mendez


Gildas said...

Oh no.... sorry about the link in my reply about Mendez Trio. It leads to a very awfull rip (bad noise and distorsion...)

I think it is better to get it from youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_-4h8Ziyf4 ...

For info, the trio members are :
-Memo Mendez (Fender Rhodes, piano, Clavinet, Synth Arp Odessey / Roland)
-Nando Mendez (drums, percussions, vibes)
-Oscar Mendez (bass)

+ featuring as guest : Ramon Flores (trumpet), Armando Noriega (sax tenor, flute), Enrique Sida (trombone), Nicolas Martinez Valdivia (guitar), Lupita Cuevas (voice)

juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks mi amigo, yo tengo el disco pero también en muy malas condiciones. Saludos

g.raf said...

Nice one Katonah!
Thank you.

katonah said...

Thanks for the comments, would love a rip of the the Mendez Trio lp ....

Calisan said...

Gran aportacion! Y aun existen mas cosas interesantes de esa disquera (NCL)trataré de aportar algo de eso en mi blog.
Gracias katonah!

Calisan said...

Gran aportacion! Y aun existen mas cosas interesantes de esa disquera (NCL)trataré de aportar algo de eso en mi blog.
Gracias katonah!

Andy said...

Many thanks Katonah and nice to see a great jazz community helping out with associated material. Cheers.

Arkadin said...
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Arkadin said...

Thanks for this one, completely unknown to me, downloading now.
That Mendez Trio album seems to have been reissued on cd:

katonah said...

Thanks Ark, need to hear this one

hideo said...

great one this, just got to it--thanks K-!

E-mile said...

just now dippin'in,: nice nice nice!
thanks a lot.

Franco said...

Years late to this Katonah....but thanks all the same !