Saturday, 15 September 2012

Deep-Jazz goes LIVE !!!

Katonah and Bacoso presents:

It looks like it's finally going to happen. Myself and the biggest jazz blogger on the planet, Bacoso, are planning a night of the heaviest jazz gears around. Super rare sounds will be hauled from the vaults and brought to the smart set of London. Light years from any watered down, Jazz-funk school disco disappointment, this will be for the feet, and the mind. 

No entrance fee required, but it's a small venue, just a stone's throw from Piccadilly. More details and Flyers to follow, with the date set for Saturday 17th November. 


katonah said...

This sort of thing;

Walt Dickerson, engineered by RVG and supervised by Esmond Edwards.
Sense of Direction form 1961

g.raf said...

Sounds super good.
Count me in!

Quimsy said...

a bloggers summit!

Anonymous said...

j know you will, but have a truly wonderful time.

Simon666 said...

Need photos!!! Have fun boys :))

Art Simon said...

Wow, wish I could be there!

katonah said...

You gotta be there Q !!

katonah said...

Thanks for all the help putting this together G.Raf

the jazzstronaut said...

Definitely will be there, just a stone's throw from Brighton...Bacoso and Katonah together, that I got to catch!

Funky Trev said...

Ah yeah ! Will be there. Thought it was the night of the Mulatu gig but thankfully that's the next day. What a weekend that's gonna be....Trev

The Scenery Within said...

Piccadilly? Is that Manchester or London?

Reza said...

London innit

saul said...

Gents, I would have been so there, but I'm living in Maputo at the moment, and so a bit of a long round trip.


Keep on keepin' on.


Gildas said...
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Gildas said...

Hummm deep for jazz ... it's like fat for funk to me; definitly appealing !!I am forwarding this event to our London branch.

Walt Dickerson, good appetizer, indeed!

If I may, here is my menu for this gourmet night

1. "Millefeuille de jazz et sa funky soup"

- Barney Kessel: Look of Love
- Grant Green : We've Only Just Begun
- Mary Lou Williams: Medi I
- Masabumi Kikuchi: Pumu:#2 / Yellow Carcass in the Blue (from OST Hairpin Circus (A Short Story For Image)
- Michel Sardaby : Love Love And Deam
- George Benson: So What (from Beyond the Blue Horizon)
- George Cables: Why Not ?
- Ahmad Jamal:Manhattan Reflections from Live at Montreux
(or full 73 LP!)
- Ramsey Lewis: Come Down In Time
- Ahmad Jamal : chaser (from Genetic)
- Maurice Vander: Grand Roque
- Mike Longo: Angel Of Love
- Michel Sardaby: Welcome New Warmth / Gail / Song For My Children
Mike Longo: Ocean of his might
- George Benson: Serbian Blue
- Julian Priester: Anatomy Of Longing
- Grant Green : Maiden Voyage
- Ramsey Lewis:Slipping into Darkness
- Les Wanted: Six, Quatre, Nous
- André Ceccarelli- Gang Progress
- George Otsuka

- Judy Bailey Quartet: The Eleven Eight Song
- Randy Weston: In Memory Of
- Maynard Ferguson: Mister Mellow
- The Crusaders: Eleanor Rigby
- Yuji Ohno: Eroika yori ai o komete [From Eroica With Love]
- Antonio Adolfo: Diana e Paulo
- West African Cosmos: Afro Dige
- George Benson: Bullfight
- Some Mizell Brothers tunes (you choose: Blackbyrd, Donald Byrds, Bobbi Humphrey - she plans to do A tour in Europe this winter!...)
- Junior Mance: Zabuda / Don't Cha Hear Me Callin' To Ya
- Kamal Abdul-Alim: Peace
- Miles Davis: Yesternow (Take 16)
- The Herbie Hancock Crew: His Thrust/Flood, Patrice Rushen, Eddie Henderson, Headhunters...
- George Duke:The Inner Source

2. "Funky rice à la sauce"

- Adrian Younge: Anna May
- Wendy Rene: After Laughter
- Eddie Robinson: Absolutly Beautiful
- Angelique Kidjo : Summertime
- Annette Peacock:Survival
- Anthea: Don't Explain
- Ella Fitzgerald: Cry Me A River
- Robert Glasper Experiment: Afro Blue feat. Erykah Badu
- American Gypsy: Inside Out
- Kashmere Stage Band: Ain't No Sunshine (J Rocc Remix)
- Jungle Brothers: Kool Accordin' 2 A Jungle Brother
- Malka Family: Elephants Roses
- Merl Saunders: Aunt Monk
- Syl Johnson: I Hate I Walked Away/Could I Be Falling In Love/Is It Because I'm Black
- MF Doom and Madlib: Jazzy
- George Duke: Capricorn

3. "Coffee gourmant"

- Masabumi kikuchi: Piece To Peace
- Yuji Ohno: A Key to the Mystery
then A Monmartre
- Eddie Palmieri: Café
- Ahmad Jamal : Pastures
- K Fleins Field: Incidental Black Cloth
- Alan Parker: Relaxed spacious
- Anouar Brahem: The Lover Of Beirut
- Michel Klotchoff Trio & Chris Woods: François, Gone But Remembered
- Miles Davis: Blue Haze

Bon appétit

katonah said...


Lovin' the list Gildas, you're on the right tracks there. Hang by, I'll buy the Absinthe King Gold's!!

Gildas said...

Cheers Katonah. My pleasure!  I tried to avoid les basics (Poobli, The Edge, Cheshire Cat....) but I still forgot a lot (even though my purpose was to remain in the scope you set). 

I forgot
Nina S, Bobby H, Catalyst, Tribe, Fumio K, Duke P, Gene H, Marvin G, Ceasar F,  Curtis M, Quincy J, Roy A, JackMcD, Isao S, Romano M, Mtume (oh yeah it has to be there),
lots of Black Jazz Records like The Awakening - Brand New Feeling....
Tatsuya Takahashi - Maiden Voyage
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto - Midnight Sugar ( for coffee set)
Synthesis - Feeling
Hubert Laws - Modadji
Prince - every track from aftershows inc.  Joy in Repetition (OneNiteAlone...the Aftershow)
Nathan Davis and his If LP 
Noël Mc Ghié and his Trapeze LP
James Brown - Public Enemy/Sunny/Mind Power
John Coltrane - Acknowledgement/Resolution/Naima

And above all I forgot 'In a Sentimental Mood' by Duke Ellington & John Coltrane

Oh yeah, this type of event is definitly inspiring: so Jazz is not Dead, hey?

Never Dead ! if we all believe. We all have 12mn to focus on something good. 

This is all about FOCUS. If some wonderful people like you and Bacoso and Simon, Smooth, El Goog ja, Reza.....have decided to focus on loving/living/feeling/preserving/sharing Jazz, then we can all do that, each of us at  our own level. 

STAY FOCUS les aficionados. Music is in a bad shape today (not only jazz). Mostly because of us. What shall happen in the near futur? Are we going to dig only 70' LP ? What shall I say to my kids ? Sorry we cannot go to Miles Davis concert, he is dead u know.  Gil Scott Heron ? Dead as well my sweetie. 'So daddy, you listen to Dead music, isn't it too sad?

No. Cause there are still old cats alive + we can see young traiblazers like
 Robert Glasper + Chris Dave + Bilal
 ( here I speak about their live performance and not Black Radio LP which reduces their scope and just give a little bit of everything: Fusion is not mixing everything),

 José James (again I speak more about his live performance, check Nancy Jazz Pulsation), 

Meshell  (not only deconstructing jazz, but her approach to musical art in its entirety),

Roy Ayers, Herbie Hancock,...+  NDambi (when in jazz mood) QuestLoveRabiAbouKhalil Christian Scott
Soweto Kinch
Roy HargrovePrince
Erik Truffaz

Tribe(Rebirth)ShawnLeeSA-RACreative( or not...)Brian Blade
Mederic Collignon
KaidiTathamJazzanovaTiombeLockhartBibi Tanga
Althea Renée
AaronAbernathyEsperanza Spalding
Aaron Sparks
Ursula Rucker
EricLegniniAnthony Joseph
Kyle Jason
,MFDoomMichaelKiwanukaAmbroseAkinmusireQuasimodePaulWhiteSadeAduM(french artist)SeanKhanMadlibDJCamTheCypherECMlabelMoutainMochaKilimanjaroSandraNKakeFreddieJoachim( not sure)Spleen (french singer)Ayo ( if smooth production)RenatoNeto( if still tempted...)GeorgiaAnnMuldrow (in ...5 years, she will be ready; prepare for big revolution !)

Sorry guys, I got 12mn again today. So now I am done until next week !


Simon666 said...

What??? No Michael Buble ???

Gildas said...

Hey, I did not put M. Buble in the list as I thought you would have invited him in person!

Tell me you plan to do so... pLEASE !!


PS. I had to google his name !! thanks for the laugth!

katonah said...

No Bubbha Thomas and the Lightmen, Wayne Shorter, Tito Puente, Sabu Martinez, Larry Nozero, Shamek Farrah, Art Blakey, James Mason, Horace Tapscott, Charles Tolliver, Fela Kuti, Mulatu Astake, Pharoah Sanders, Alice Coltrane.

Maybe this one's going to be Deeper than you think

Gildas said...
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Gildas said...

You're right! Sorry I was blind and now I see! Let's go to the next level. 

OK! Second gear, crème de la crème,  Restaurant 5* Napoléon  ! 
Then you shall offer those délices : 

Lemuria - Hunk of Heaven
The Checkmates Ltd - I must be Dreaming
The 9th Creation - Rule of Mind
Marc Moulin - Tohu Bohu part V
Jef Lee Johnson , Sonny Thompson, Michael Bland - Little Leo
Ohio Players - Heaven Must Be like This
Leo Sunshipp - Madame Butterfly
T-Connection - The Best of My Love
Steve Coleman and Five Elements - I'm burnin' up ( Fire Theme)

Ok ok Maybe too spicy for you guys...! 

So what do you think of these sweeties: 

Albert Dailey - The Day after the dawn
Sun Ra - Tiny Pyramids
Joe Chambers - Early Minor
The Keyboard Conclave - Shooting gallery rose
Oliver Sain - On the Hill
Nina Simone At Town Hall (full LP! Haahahahahahah  )
Weldone Irvine - Egypt (why did you make it so short dear Master Wel ? Rest in Peace) / Blue in Green / I am Voice
The Heath Brothers - Smilin' Billy Suite (part II)
Quincicasm - Trent Park Song
Duke Pearson - The Phantom
Bill Lee - Nola
Monk Higgins - Extra soul perception / The Look of Slim /Black Fox
Young Holt Unlimited - Mystical Man
Marco di Marco - I miei Ricordi
Erik Truffaz - Les Gens du Voyage
Ed Thigpen - Action re-action
Azymuth - Partido Alto
Raymond Guiot - Basse Duettino
Placebo - Dag Madam Merci / Polk
The Whole Darn Society - Seven Minutes Of Funk
100% pure poison - Windy C
Vitamine E - Sharing
Turning Point - The Journey
Sun Treader - zin zin
Leon Huff - No greater love
Kosuke Mine Quintet - Dream Eyes
Johnny Lytle - Tawhid
Norman Connors - Butterfly Dreams / Revelation / Carlos II / Dreams
Jorge Lopez Ruiz - Mab Amor / A Marieta  / Romancero / Amor Buenos.  Aires
Morice Benin - Apocalypse
Tom Browne - Forever More

Ok spicy again

Ozone - Gigolette
Pleasure  - Tune In / No Matter what / Selim
Patrice Rushen - Razzia
The SSO Orchestra - Faded Lady
Brenda Lee Eager - When I'm with you (Mizell all along !!)
Johnny Hammond - Star Borne / Fantasy
Omar - Outside
Monbasa - Nomoli
Michel Portal - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (from Minneapolis We Insist)
Curtis Mayfield - Billy Jack
Lonnie Smith - Spinning Wheel
Mondo Grosso - That's How It Is
The Mighty Underdogs - Get Out of My Life
Bobby Womack - Stupid interlude
Opus Akoben - Fantasy

, then progressively sad (cause this is the most beautiful type of music):

Lamont Johnson - Calypso after Nine 
Lalo Schifrin - Breaks Bossa Nova
The Crusaders - Lilies of the Nile
Lauranne - Picture in a Frame
Quite Sane - Short Stories
Kyle Jason - Simone by Moonlight
Norman Connors - You are my Starship
M - La mort de l'Ame / Délivre
Michael Kiwanuka - Any day will do fine
Bilal - White Turns To Grey
Fumio Karashima - The Fall
Curtis Mayfield - We The People Who are Darker Than Blue
Ayo - These Days
OV Wright - Motherless Child
Gil Scott Heron - Did you hear what they said?
Uri Caine - Urlicht/Primal Light
Nina Simone - Isn't it a Pity ?
Meshell Ndgeocello - Oyster
LL Cool J - I need Love
Sade - The Safest Place
Bilal - Little One
Meshell Ndgeocello - Lady Cab Driver feat Mark Kelley on bass
Hachiro Aoyama - Miscarriage

And of course Sabu Martinez's Cristina , Art Blakey ... I'm not so sure...the One for Trane, The Feast or The One you Can't Have ? Hell Yeah !  Of course Michael Viners Incredible Bongo Band...


katonah said...

More choice gears Gildas, try this super rare joint. Utterly beautiful.

Simon666 said...

beautiful track katonah, what 'tis it ?

Gildas said...

Re: Super rare joint

First : I am flattered
Second: VERY nice indeed and DEEP for sure !
Third: I second Simon: who is it ?

>> As a tentative: It is either a hidden song from Mr Cochran or some obscur track from the "Tribe crew" (Ranelin, Harrisson..)

Le me explain:
-It sounds like Mr. Caliman but it is not
-The drummer is very discrete, almost shy...
-Some percussion siprit.

But whoever it may be, the track is from a saxophone player or a keyboard player very tolerant about horns (!), who knew a lot about Rhodes and amazing arrangement, probably from 1972-73.

...Let me think again....

- Maybe Hampton Hawes. But there would have been more bass, more groove.

- Same with Hank Crawford (rhodes ok but not the same bass nor the same saxo tones)

- It also looks like Johnny Hammond - Johnny Hammond - Who is Silvia. But it is much lighter

- Sorry no further clue

- So let me jump to the length of the track: 7mn23.

In my MP3 collection, I have 11 songs of 7.23mn

A fusion tune: Passport - Abracadabra
A nu-soul track: John Legend - Ordinary People (live at HOB 2004)
An Electronic Jazz feat Ovalsoul 7: The Society - How life
A funky balad from Ed Motta - Amor E Saudade
An All-star hiphop song : The West Coast Rap All-Stars - We're All In The Same Gang feat. Above The Law/Body and Soul/Def Jef/Digital Underground/Dr. Dre/Eazy-E/Ice-T/J.J. Fad/King Tee/MC Hammer/MC Ren/Michel'le/Oaktown's 3-5-7/Tone Loc/Young MC
A laid-back fluty track : Harold Vick - Melody for Bu
A killer no filler old New Orleans Jazz : Charles Mingus - Better Git in Your Soul
A very average fusion track though featuring Hubert Laws on flute, Dave Liebman on sax, Eric Gale and Larry Coryell on guitar, Richard Tee on keyboards, Tony Dumas on bass and Leon "Ndugu" Chancler on drums, plus Eloise Laws on vocals !!! But really average : Aurex jazz Festival - Pablo's Story
HOU!! Art Farmer 1977 - Sandu
A rich funky Medley from Incognito at NSJF 2003 (there is nothing like this and more)
A funky live jam from Prince - Sexy Dancer Monaco 2009

katonah said...

Compass rises, killer!

Gildas said...

Released Jan 17, 1973 !

'Told you !!

'told you before !! >>

"Compass Rises (1973) is much much better. Complete different approach
Buy it here "


Gildas said...

The song is called Pharoah's Thing

Oh yeah I am ... and Im' proud !
I was right on 3 over 3 here !!

-Recorded November 17, 18 & 19, 1972 . Released in 1973
- The band leader is a saxophonist !
- Nice percussion

--More Info here for afficionados only--
(inc. sample from a live Released Nov 30, 1974 - though not amazing at all!!)

Rick Lawn (Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet, Misc. Percussion),
Joel Chase (Electric Piano),
Tom Ives (Electric Bass, Flugelhorn),
Al Calone (Drums),
Smelly (conga drums)

Compass was organized and based from 1969 through 1973 in Oneonta where the group performed primarily in concert settings at colleges and universities, mostly in New York State. Compass performances feature both original compositions as well the works of many of Americas greatest jazz legends

Definitly in the vein of Quincicasm...



katonah said...

Ok, how about this ....

Gildas said...

Hummm 1974-76 ?

Funky popcorn style !
White voices :)

Hard jam:Drums + percussion +guitar

Must be something like J-Funk Express

Ready for the party ?

vesper said...

Any chance you'll record it? (or part of it?)

pwr2thepeopleman said...

that's only a 14 hour flight for me.

katonah said...

That's a great idea Vesper, bound to be iphones or such like there.

katonah said...

@ power, yeah 14 hours is a bit much to ask really. more info to follow with a super cool flyer from Blackclassical.

taro nombei said...

so how was it? and is/was there an mp3 ?
great comments, btw. enjoying this thread (it's a bit old now but I've been elsewhere…)
cheers katonah

PS that last link: funky indeed!

katonah said...

It's happening on Nov 17th TN
I idea of a video or 2 sounds cool