Monday, 21 December 2009

Kenny Burrell : Ode to 52nd Street

Kenny Burrell : Ode to 52nd Street.
Cadet LPS798.

Been looking for this one for some time now. Picked up most of the tracks on the Chess double lp compilation, Recapitulation. Hopefully, there's a few of you that haven't heard this because the suite, arranged and conducted by Richard Evans, is a real beauty.

Side 1
Suite for Guitar and Orchestra
Theme 1 ; So little time
Theme 2 ; Growing
Theme 3 ; Round and round we Go
Theme 4 ; Recapitulation

Side 2
I want my baby back
Con alma
Wild is the wind
Blues Fuse


katonah said...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff...many thanks.

JAZZYPIER ♪ said...

Thank you for this Katonah!
Merri XMas & A Happy New Year!

taro nombei said...

Christmas greetings to you Katonah.
Thanks for all the great sounds this year.
best from Tokyo!

fritz the cat said...

thanks, will give it a spin

g.raf said...

Lovely stuff.
A very Merry Christmas to you Katonah.
A huge thanks for all the cool music you have shared this year!

verge said...

Thank you kind sir.
This looks dope.

Andrew said...

tremndous katonah ... thnks for sharing ... Startycat

katonah said...

thanks for the comments people, happy new year and all that jazz.

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peskypesky said...

Kenny B makes my soul happy. Love that man's touch on the guitar. Definitely looking forward to spending some time with this. Gracias.