Saturday, 24 October 2009

Soncna Pot

Soncna Pot : Solvenia.
Hugely grateful to Igor once again for coming up with another fine share for us.
Excellent jazz/funk from Solvenia of the highest order.
Lets have some comments or thank yous for him.
Lovely stuff.


katonah said...

Arkadin said...

Had the pleasure to listen to this one a while back thanks to Igor and really liked it, so thanks again for the rip to Igor and thanks for posting, Katonah!

Simon666 said...

Thanks Igor and Katonah, lovely stuff - keen on this sax player, particularly track 1 :)

verge said...

This looks great.
Much thanks.

corvimax said...

igor spreading wonders here and there
i like it
thanks to the host too

VINILIJA said...

high ladies and gentleman. the country is Slovenia (when this lp was out it was part of Yugoslavia, which is full of albums like this music). And the name means Sunny path if you were wondering. Good blog! Keep on doing what you're doing, because you are diggin' what you're doing! :)

katonah said...

Wise words Vinilija.
Thanks for dropping by and filling in some of the blanks.

codazzo said...

excellent jazz-prog, thanks katonah.

taro nombei said...

Blimey Igor! This looks tasty.
thanks katonah, too,
(and yes I was wondering about the 'solvenia' bit) :)

Wallofsound said...

Thanks guys. This is interesting. Completely unknown to me. Does any one know any more about the musicians?

Igor said...

The group Sončna Pot still occasionally get together, and a leader is reeds and keyboards player from Slovenia, Lado Jakša.
Extremely interesting person. He graduated in art history and hi is also respected art photographer. He often performs alone, in combination with reeds instruments, synthetic sounds and his photos. Such a combination of sound and image can be called Soundscapes. Here are examples from his public lectures.

Jakša also compose music for film and theater, which is an experimental music in the style of jazz.
He is very pleasant person with whom it is interesting to discuss and reminds me on Brian Eno and Jon Hassell.
It is a subjective impression.

Drummer Ratko Divjak is also from Slovenia. He played in rock bands during the seventies and eighties (Time, September, and others), but mostly played jazz with Boško Petrović, and many international groups. He is a permanent member of the Plesni Orkestar RTV Ljubljana (it's a big band).
He was also the drummer on Tone Jansa's Goa.
Very subtle drummer with incredible sense for time keeping.
You can see him playing here:

Bass player is Jordan Gančev from Bulgaria.

tanmoy's music world said...

thanks a trillion


Dennis Gonzalez said...

For a bit more than a decade I played with the illustrious Mr. Jaksa in Slovenia (at the Ljubljana Jazz Festival and Druga Godba Festival), in Italy, and in Dallas, where I live. He is an exceptionally creative soul and can also be heard on the CD by Svetlana Makarovic "Temna Noc", playing not only sax and clarinet, but piano and synthesizers.
Dennis Gonzalez

kokolo said...

Hvala! Thank you. And a special thanks to Igor for videos from Lado Jakša.