Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A new blog to try

Why not drop by and have a nose round.


katonah said...

flageolette said...

... I saw pictures of stressed out and helpless people posing with large metal(?) sculptures in their mouths and faces...a few of these Art objects where created by the same artist - or School?

Interesting site..mainly because i'm totally
new to this form of l'Art du Jazz.

Thanks for the Heads-ip,Katonah

Best Regards,

katonah said...

Interesting to hear your abstract visions. Always refreshing to get a global insight into other peoples opinions.

Thanks flageolette

b2v said...

Dear Katonah,
would it be possible for you to repost thos incredible Bobby Hutcherson / Harold Land Live albums ?

thanks 4 the music, really apreciated !