Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Leszek Zadlo Ensamble.

Inner Silence.
Polskie Stowarzyszenie Jazzowe 1973
Forget the Private Press moniker, this one comes in a hand-made sleeve.

Check out the cut-out letters on the front cover scan. It's the same story on the back, with cut-outs for the pictures of the artists.

like, wow ...

Nice version of Freedom Jazz Dance.

Side 1
Freedom Jazz Dance / V.L.G.M

Side 2
Inner Silence
Koleda Polska

Leszek Zadlo ; Sax, flet, klarnet basowy
Butch Kellem ; Puzon (trombone)
Dick Sells ; Kontrabas elektryczny
Peter Ponger ; Fortepian, fortepian elektryczny
Gerhard Herrmann ; Perkusja i instrumenty perkusyjne


Greg said...


While you're waiting (no so) patiently for the link, watch this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=xLlIbMA6VFA

katonah said...

just heard the news that the el reza blogspot has shut up shop !!
bad medicine

this one's dedicated to reza


katonah said...

hi greg, this "difficult jazz" should right up your street.

hope you enjoy it.
nice clip, looks a doddle to play!

Greg said...

Hey i thought you'd like it :) How about we start an ensemble, quintet or something?

Cover looks great too, looks like my rainy afternoon just got a whole lot sunnier!

Thanks a mill Katonah

btw: if you have an iphone get the theraminator its a riot especially on the train/tube with commuters... Cabbaged a few heads recently. 1 person thought there cat stuck under the train... i know i know 38 going on 8 but funny though!

katonah said...

the band thing sounds like a winner
count me in.
the thing with this sort of stuff is doesn't matter if your any good or not !?! ;-)

Greg said...

Exactly!!! bloody hell just done a quick scout on hurdy gurdies (not sure on the plural) Anyway check it out from eBollocks:

A good all original French Hurdy Gurdy in playable condition after a professional set up. Good gut strings. Toneweel moves well. One wooden stopper inside the keyboard is missing. Measurements: - total length without handle 26 inches - upper bout 7 3/4 inches - middle bout 6 3/8 inches - lower bout 10 1/8 inches - lowest rim 3 1/2 inches - highest rim 4 1/2 inches - total hight 7 1/2 inches

A snip at $3,500 ex Shipping. Almost as much as this lp cost??? may need to re think — methinks?

Re thought. how about we make our own instruments out of everyday ordinary utensils found lying round the home? i bagsy paper and comb!

still doesn'tt matter if your crap or not (manage expectations) - lets do it!


Solomon said...

Thank you!

ish said...

I've seen the name Leszek Zadlo on some the MPS sides. As a far of Polish jazz looking forward to hearing this. Thanks Katonah!

Greg said...

blimey!!! cheers katonah you were right!

Reza said...

Thanks Katonah grabbing it right now mate :)

Dr. Johnny Fever said...

Great share Katonah, I've always been a big fan of Polish jazz. The Rhodes work here is sublime.

johnv said...

I'm a big fan of these Polish jazz albums too--this one looks really tasty.

Gianni said...

sad news from mediafire...
hope it returns to work asap