Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Gary Bias

Gary Bias East 101

Nimbus Ns-802 Recorded at City Recorders 1981

Side 1
Dear Violet
Artur's Vamp

Side 2
East 101
As Children Play

Gary Bias : Alto and Soprano Saxophones, flute
David "eric" Tilman : Piano
Rickey Kelly : Vibes
Fritz Wise : Drums
John Heard : Bass
Roberto Miranda : Bass
Rickey Minor : Electric Bass on Asiki

More Beautiful music from the Nimbus Label, Santa Barbara, California


katonah said...

just in case there's anyone that didn't spot this in the comments over at el goog's

alex said...

hey katonah!
good luck with this blog m8!
know your drops from all over !!
many thanks for this great album-from one brit to another!

Gianni said...

you let my dreams keep alive!
thank you katonah

el goog said...

Ok katonah, update my post, re-link to here :)
Thanks always.


Simon666 said...

you sent this to me at some stage, really lovely spiritual album, thanks again Katonah

taro nombei said...

hi katona
brilliant news. private press is a great addition to the amazing blogosphere of premium jazz. thanks in advance for this (and for your various excellent shares in the past on other blogs).
best from tokyo...

katonah said...

gianni, your comments are always so generous, thank you
also, alex, taro, el goog and simon


johnv said...

I didn't spot it--glad to give it a chance now. Looks really cool!

winton tostello said...

welcome - officialy - to blogland.i think you'll help to beat ed motta's spiritual jazz list!
thanks a lot!!

g.raf said...

Hi Katonah
Love what you are doing here.
Have only listened to this post so far. A really beautiful album it is too.
Many thanks.

Dusan said...

hi man, thx for this gem.good luck with the blog.

sasha said...

Very beautiful share!!! Many thanks..Your time and energy in putting this out here is much appreciated.

Calisan said...

Grandioso pero q' pena q' las portadas estén incompletas!
Alguien por ahí tiene las portadas en una buena resolución?
Gracias Katonah!

katonah said...

just a quick thank you those guys that have some real nice comments.
happy new year and all that jazz

Yusef said...

Katonah!!! Thank you .....
I really dig this West Coast Spiritual Jazz.
Mr. Tapscott's influence cannot be denied.
I've been waiting for a CD reissue.
Your posting is a blessing.

jiiiiiiiq said...

Thanks katonah, this looks mighty rare,, you are a top fella!

open form said...

dear "as children play" violet asiki's flute :o)

thank you


Easy Jams said...

More Roberto Miranda here:

Simon666 said...

thanks easy jams, nice album :)

nijimasu said...

hey katanoh, any chance of a re-up? looks like megaupload is no more. would really love to hear this one. cheers