Monday, 12 January 2015

Koichi Matsukaze Trio : Earth Mother

Koichi Matsukaze Trio : Earth Mother.
ALM-5001 ALM Records.

So here it is, one of the all time super rare Japanese jazz records of all time. Google searches return little or no information about this killer spiritual jazz monster. All bar one of the tracks were recorded at the Tachikawa Social Educational Hall January 1978 and released on the very limited ALM label. 

Not only is this one scarce, it takes your breath away with pounding keys, fierce bass and driving percussion. 

Here's the 11+ minute title track in full lossless glory.
Let me know what you think, and good luck hunting another one down!


katonah said...

taro nombei said...

Well scored Katonah.
Never come across this album before.
And big thanks for sharing!

taro nombei said...

And BTW, here's the full line-up of that trio:
Koichi Matsukaze: alto sax, flute
Ryojiro Furusawa: drums
Tamio Kawabata: bass
joined by Toshiyuki Daitoku on piano

katonah said...

Thank TN
It's a bit of a gem if ask me

The Scenery Within said...

B O O M!

Many thanks dear Sir ;)

ushaped said...

Wow! Excellent and thank you! Very nice and driving tune. Shame we can't hear the rest of it.


Simon666 said...

Excellent track Katonah, big thanks :)

nijimasu said...

oh man, have wanted to hear this for a long time now. thanks so much

bossanovarock said...

Great post!

katonah said...

Thank you all for the comments, it means a lot.
And thank you K!

DW said...

Thanks Katonah!

Nick said...

Sounds pretty damn good -- always been curious about this. A white whale winner for sure. Thank you for this!

jalen l said...

your blog needs a revival man. a lot of gems are dead. nice library

Ti Hill said...


Thanks for uploading this one. This album and his another release on ALM (, are probably some of the best of Japanese free jazz made in the late 70s and early 80s. And it is extremely difficult to locate a copy of either. In my five years on ebay I have never come across a copy. I believe Mr. Matsukaze is still performing today. Anyway, thanks again.

Ti Hill said...

Can you fully rip this album if possible? Many thanks!!

alex said...

HOW SAD!!!!!

katonah said...

It's the end of an era for now
But it could be making a return once a few things have been resolved Alex

alex said...

hi Katonah,
cant download from this link m8?
keeps coming up busy???
any ideas??
many thanks

katonah said...

Not sure why that's happening
Been meaning to upload the whole album in lossless and will when I get a chance


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nijimasu said...

any chance of a link for that kohsuke mine first as well?

Cindy Dy said...

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Silvia Jacinto said...

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Andrew Guy Holister said...

I'd love to get a link for this, any chance? When I go through A-Drive it won't let me go to the link.
Amazing, informative blog, one of the best, thank you so much for all of your wonderful shares!

katonah said...

Hi Andrew

It seems I would need to re-upload which isn't possible at the moment as the PC has been given to a good friend.
It's all about Instagram for me for the to being .. Take a look 💥💥💥

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