Friday, 21 November 2014

John Minnis' Big Bone Band. Classic I-live

Just a quick youtube link to a rather tasty tune, and it sure is special. This one's for DG
Dustygroove's take;

A lost bit of funky 70s jazz – featuring the John Minnis Big Band from the Philly scene! Minnis leads the group on trombone and keyboards, and the album's got a feel that's right up there with the best electric big band styles of the time – grooving hard on some tracks, and kicking back and going for a sweet and soulful sound on others. Instrumentation includes keyboards, guitar, and lots of horns – and vocals on the set are by Minnis, and a backing group that includes David Simmons. The massive track on here is a long free flowing jammer called "What Can You Do?", and it's a jazz dance classic with rolling bass, choppy guitar, and sharp sax solos.


katonah said...

Tobias Funke said...

This is great - really need to hunt down the album now, sounds like there's some other great tracks on it too.

katonah said...

Thanks Tobias
It's fairly new to me as well, there was a decent re-issue of this lp brought out a few years back

Franco said...

Yes a great track......hard copy way out of my league though !

Megan Brownrigg said...

Hi Katonah,

Fantastic that you do such snappy reviews, would you be willing to review Dom Sales' upcoming album Lullabies and Dreams if I send you a hard copy?

katonah said...

Hi Megan
That would be fantastic.
If you drop your email address in a comment and I will delete it straight away


taro nombei said...

Thanks for turning me onto this Katonah!

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