Monday, 8 September 2014

John Surman

John Surman; Recorded 14th August 1968

3 part Suite


This is a monster track introduced to me by Reza well over a year ago now. Then Bacoso found the cd and graciously stepped aside while i went off a bought it.

It's all about the track DANCE that kicks in about the 11 minute mark. A thunderous number that calls heavily upon the conga skills of Errol Phillip, together with Stirling Betancourt on timbales. There's more heavyweight players such as, Kenny Wheeler, Dave Holland, Harry Beckett and Alan Jackson.  

Very heavy track, which was inspired by Coltrane's Africa Brass album.


katonah said...

Simon666 said...

Killer track, thanks K :)

Gildas said...

Hi to all,
VERY long time I haven't been on the blogosphere!
Changed worked and place and ...

Anyway, I first heard about John Surman when watching a video of his live on NDR radio
Ref Flashpoint NDR Jazz Workshop April 1969.

Remember the fantastic HHancock live on NDR ??!!

So can't wait to listen to this gem of Mr Surman.

Thanks again Katonah San

katonah said...

Hey Gil,

Good to have you back. The NDR was good, but this one should really hit the spot.
Hope you enjoy the Surman, and all the best as always

Winb said...

Totally loving this track. Fiery, soothing, danceable and listenable all in the same breath.

Thanks as always Katonah for the education

indigonoir said...

Absolutely WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing.

Rodrigo Delli said...

Man, it looks like a herd of mammoths went about me ... amazing!

katonah said...

Yes, sure is an amazing track Rodrigo

Funky Trev said...

Many thanks Katonah. Top work as always !

blackclassical said...

surman / holland / wheeler / jackson / beckett

dave hollands bass with alan jacksons percussion is the driver old school london jazz dance classic


katonah said...

Where you been at ?
With you on this one, total classic

mana76445 said...

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