Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ted Curson : 1973

Ted Curson : Typical Ted
Trident TRS-503

2 killer, top-tapping tracks form this obscure album.
Airi Tune and Typical Ted.

Hot gears.

Check out the line-up:

Ted Curson
Chris Woods : Alto and Flute
George Arvanitas : Piano
Jacky Samson : Bass
Charles Saudrais : Drums


katonah said...

E-mile said...

hi Katonah I have this with different cover art and album title is Cattin' Curson [:-)
Also Released on CD with additional Bonus Track containing unissued false starts of Flatted 5th, Marjo, Airi's Tune

Wallofsound said...

Yes, they are the same record, but I have a poor copy of Cattin' Curson, so I'm glad of these tracks. Now, if we could prevail on you, E-mile, to post the who of Cattin' Curson that would be great!

ely said...

many thanks

jazzobsessive said...

Great tracks Katonah.
Thanks for the introduction.

Whilst on any plans for another Deep Jazz Reality at present?

katonah said...


I was talking to Bacoso about the next one (while boozing of course!) a couple of days ago. Both of us have plans, hopefully in the early Summer. Really enjoyed the 1st outing, the next one will be a lot more "out-there" ...
Should be a special guest appearance on the night if all goes well. Jetting off in a weeks time for some crate diggin' in the US again.
If anyone has some ideas for venue's just shout.
If not, it's back to the Queen's Head

Quimsy said...

Impeccable taste as always.
Typical Ted was the US pressing for Cattin' Curson which was the debut release on Marge.

saomusubi said...

Thanks a lot!

g.raf said...

Nice one Katonah. Or should that be two!

Thank you.

fakie Wilde said...

MAN! amazing! Thank you so much for this!

brightpavilions said...

Love to hear the whole thing. Anyone?