Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bobby Hutcherson : Happenings

Bobby Hutcherson

Rare 24bit Japanese cd release from a few years back @320.

Bobby Hutcherson
Herbie Hancock
Bob Cranshaw
Joe Chambers

Possibly the finest album of all time.

Hutcherson perfection.


katonah said...

sasha said...

Mmm Wonder how this compares to the RVG edition and an earlier cd release..Even got the viynl knocking around somewhere..As always the Hutch always worthy of a salute even if it is a session I know backwards..Keep up the good work mate.

Gildas said...

How come !!?? I knew I should have a look at BH before 1970. But my fusion inclination made me blind for years. Now I see !

Thanks !!

taro nombei said...

It's an all-time classic!
Always worth hearing again. And again.

nick said...

Agreed. Except maybe it'd be Stick-Up, but still...